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Is Apple iCloud Keychain good to use for passwords

Is Apple iCloud Keychain good to use for passwords?

Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a password manager. It’s built into every Mac, iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to use, because you can generate safe, complex passwords quickly. Then, it will fill those complex passwords in automatically when you are using Safari web browser. It can store other sensitive personal information as well.

According to Apple, iCloud Keychain stores:

  • internet accounts,
  • passwords,
  • usernames,
  • wifi passwords,
  • credit card numbers,
  • credit card expiration dates,
  • but not the credit card security code,
  • and more.

Like all good password managers, iCloud Keychain uses 256-it AES encryption technology to protect data. The data is encrypted before it leaves your device, so that means that no one else can access your data, even when the data is stored in the cloud to sync between your devices. If the data would be hacked, it would remain encrypted and inaccessible.

That also means that if you forget your master passcode that you create when you set up Apple iCloud Keychain, Apple can’t help you recover that.

For Mac users, Apple iCloud Keychain can be a convenient solution. However, if you want to share a password with someone else, or if you want a password manager that can be used among your family or business, Apple iCloud Keychain isn’t useful.

If you want to share passwords with your family or team, or give temporary access to someone, or organize your company’s passwords and accounts, a password manager is one of the best ways to do that. A password manager saves passwords and auto-fills for you when you log into your accounts the next time, but it gives you more features to organize, share, and protect your information. Password managers are convenient because they can install in any web browser–not just Safari on a Mac or iPhone or iPad.

Our password manager, LogMeOnce, is designed specifically with business and enterprise users in mind.

LogMeOnce makes it easy to:

  • Set different levels of security
  • Offer flexibility among users for how they prefer to log into their LogMeOnce accounts
  • Manage users from an admin dashboard
  • Organize passwords as you’d like (for example, by client, or project, or type of accounts)
  • Give and retract access to passwords to another user when you want
  • Add other features like Dark Web Monitoring or Cloud Encryption to extend protection for your data and files

You can sign up for free for LogMeOnce personal use, or get a 7-day trial to use for your business and share with your team.

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