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Is it safe to save passwords in Chrome or Safari

When you save your passwords in a web browser, they are automatically saved to the computer. It makes it convenient for you the next time you want to log in to your accounts. But it comes at the cost of security.

It’s risky to save passwords in your web browser like Chrome, Safair or Firefox because if someone else has access to your computer, they have access to all of your accounts. It is then easy for them to change any information that needs changing. If you want to keep everything secure with your online accounts but still have convenience, a password manager is a better solution and much more secure.

You can use a  password manager by installing it onto your phone or laptop. A password manager will generate complex passwords if you like, and save all of your account credentials in a digital vault. This digital vault is encrypted, and can only be accessed with a master password. You also have the option of syncing your passwords across devices. This means that whatever changes happen on one device will be applied when you log in on your other device.

If you’ve been using the same password for your accounts and it has become a headache to keep track of them all, a password manager may be just what you need. A good one will allow you to create secure passwords that are unique for each account without having to remember them all. And if someone else ever gets their hands on your computer? They won’t have access to any of your accounts because they’ll only see the log-in screen.

A password manager makes logging in much more convenient while keeping everything securely locked away. We can help with this by offering an easy way to try our password manager, LogMeOnce.

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