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LogMeOnce provides its patented and patent-pending technology under a flexible licensing program. Our licensing program is designed to help you bundle and take your security system or product to the market faster.

Developing innovative products are expensive. This is especially true with ongoing product development. Additionally, developing unrivaled products is risky and tightens the squeeze on existing resources. And it requires two important elements: the ability to innovate and execute.

It’s not surprising then why software vendors tend to make only incremental changes to existing products and keep a narrow focus with every new version. At LogMeOnce, we pay attention to passwords AND the many unique features our partners may need to protect their clientele and end-users’ information and accounts. Our dedication to innovating fuels ongoing innovation toward improving how we protect the data and identities of consumers and enterprises. Our products’ standout features empower users and provide them with confidence in the security of their data.

For your product, you can easily use LogMeOnce’s secure authentication module rather than developing your own custom module that would eventually end up requiring regular upkeep, maintenance, and new code development. Essentially, you would be forced to invest heavily in your proprietary software whereas you could have more success, and less headache, by using LogmeOnce API, free of charge or at an absolutely minimal cost.

We know that you would prefer to focus and advance your product’s core technology, rather than spending valuable resources worrying about encryption, authentication, password management, and fighting off hack attacks. We have created an attractive pricing opportunity that is hard to resist:

A Non profit Organization Free of financial royalty
B Academic Institutions Minimal royalty to support universities and their students
C Professional Associations Minimal royalty to support associations and their membership
D Software Developers Flexible royalty to support vendors and their end-users

All options require a formal application and approval by LogMeOnce for each licensee organization.

The internet was built to provide fast and easy communication between disparate devices across various locations. Your products may use multiple, mutually incompatible proprietary identity systems, creating login and password management nightmares for users handling multiple identities. Criminals love to exploit such confusion.

LogMeOnce offers fool-proof security, improving operational efficiencies with sustainable compliance. By partnering with LogMeOnce, your product will immediately enjoy advanced security features, while increasing user efficiencies, reducing administrative costs, and improving IT productivity for yourselves and your clientele. This is a powerful customer-retention strategy for keeping and finding clients. We want to help our clients and partners move from investing in tools to managing the quality of their customers and systems once they are “live.”

The LogMeOnce technology platform has been the foundation of our disciplined product development approach and our patent-pending intellectual property and patented portfolio. By employing our SDK and APIs, you can avoid expensive, tedious, and lengthy product development and enjoy LogMeOnce’s patent-pending software, which is made available under a number of flexible licensing agreements.
Whether you are an OEM, a software developer requiring our SDK, or an integration partner, our licensing agreement is designed to meet the usage and distribution requirements of different types of users. Please contact us LogMeOnce to learn how we can be of service to your team.

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