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Scheduled Login©

1. Schedule when you’ll next log in (green login zone).
2. Block hack attempts made outside your scheduled time (red zone).

Reduce hack attempts

From 100% to a mere 4%.

To develop this feature, LogMeOnce tapped social science theories on unpredictability. In daily life, the theory goes, emotional inconsistency and unpredictability make people feel less control over outcomes. The people who create such unpredictably have the advantage—emotional inconsistency means their opposing party cannot predict behavior. With unPredictable access time©, you have the advantage by being unpredictable.

Simply put, you make yourself a moving target—and your accounts more difficult to access.

Scheduled Login© Examples.

A Successful Login
During your predefined login window,

you can login normally with your PasswordLess option or with your user ID and password. Login requests from your last trusted device or IP address could be exempted as valid.

Say you have scheduled your

log in time for 10:30 am.

With a tolerance of +/- 30

minutes, your authorized login

is allowed between 10 am to 11 am

Scheduled Login© Examples.

A Blocked Attempt
Outside your predefined login window,

any login attempts requires additional verification for entry into your account. Hackers do NOT know the time you are scheduled to login.

So, hackers’ login attempts outside your prebooked time (such as 10 am to 11 am) are flagged and treated as high-risk. You will be notified of any such attempts.

Additional Scheduled Login© Advantages

1. Book Your Login

Hackers canNOT guess your next login interval. Only you know that you wish to log in at about 10:30 am.

2. Block Hack Attempt

Block login attempts outside
your scheduled time!

3. Fend Off Intruders

If you can log in to any website,
so can a hacker!!!

Keep hackers out by scheduling your next login?

Hackers canNOT guess your next login interval when you “Book Your Next Login.” It could be 30 minutes from now or two days away. Any unauthorized login attempts outside your selected time are blocked and flagged ashigh risk.
At anytime, you can access your account — just go to the LogMeOnce login page and initiate your login.

Security breach – It’s not a joke

Hackers tend to be repeat offenders. Once they find a way to grab an individual’s digital assets or a company’s database, they will come back for more. After all, they got past the hard part—and their sudden access can make way for more victims, like your coworkers, your family, and friends

Stop them before they succeed! You want to catch them during their attempt, not when they actually have their hand in the cookie jar (reaching for your passwords).

You need to be able to detect if someone is trying to break into our account. So you can respond. Fortunately, LogMeOnce has automated the detection and reaction process for you.

Data Breach Realities

Security and privacy are some of the most important aspects of our online daily life, and unfortunately, these are often overlooked by individuals and businesses alike. The data breaches have become more common, costly and happening a lot more frequently than generally thought.

As this data breach statistics shows the amount of compromised data is unfortunately on the rise. What is more important is that users and companies are not taking appropriate precautions to protect your information and the data they store. This is a shared responsibility that both you and companies need to handle it seriously.

Visit our dashboard with detailing breach statistics.

The bizarre illusion

Never be naive and think “Oh, I am so good that I won’t be hacked!” Instead, be prepa#FF0000 and be proactive. The ramifications are serious. When it comes to getting hacked, damages are paramount, and all boundaries fall as hackers and account intruders may engage in unauthorized attempts for their own reasoning.

Action movies make hacking look more interesting than it actually is. But to get anywhere, real-life hackers have to sift through codes and layers and layers of data while searching for your vulnerabilities. Keep in mind your passwords may be sto#FF0000 in your system in many ways and may only be supposedly protected by hashing, salting, tokens, and 2FA. What you need, if you’re not already, is a password manager that protects and encrypts it all.


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