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Since 1995 we have invented award-winning security products.

Military-Grade Password Protection for Partners and Their Clients

MSPs and their client’s  databases and passwords and tantalizing goldmines for hackers. It’s easy to see why.
As keepers of sensitive client’s passwords and data, MSPs and enticing treasure troves for hackers.

LogMeOnce helps you & your clients increase password security by up to 90% in 60 minutes.

Eliminate your client's password nightmares

Do clients ever ask you about sharing passwords, keeping their
data safe online or getting hacked?

Reduce friction, wasted time and cost associated with forgotten passwords, hack attacks or damaging your client's brand

Join LogMeOnce Partner Program

and offer more piece of mind to your clients

LogMeOnce has multiple products
to capture new revenue

Increase your revenue while helping clients

With LogMeOnce Partner Program, you get access to
resource to increase your revenue, expand your reach in
the marketplace and develop new business opportunities.

Plus, meet your customers needs with financial and
customer retention rewards. LogMeOnce offers two
partnering opportunitues with huge margins.

Access partner resources to increase your values,expand your market reach
and get new revenue - with huge margins

We have more products to offer. Naturally you can earn more revenue.

Promote 3 distinct products to capture NEW revenue.


Password Manager

Login with confidence. Protect your passwords and accouts with LogMeOnce rich features.

Identity Theft Protection

Scan Dark Web for stolen passwords. Stop hackers from attacking your online activity. Collect hackers metadata!

Cloud Encrypter

Encrypt files, images and documents stored on your favorite cloud storage sites
with your own password!

Since 1995, we have invented award - winning security products.

LogMeOnce Partner Licensing, Margins, Billing Model & Differentiators.

Monthly Recurring Revenue;

We offer a predictable business model where the revenue is stable and continue each following year from renewals, upgrades, and new sales.

Free Demo Account;

You will be equipped with a free, fully functional LogMeOnce demo account. Its yours. Customize it to your liking and presentation requirements.

Branding & Collaterals;

Brand it as you wish! Guiding your staff and clients on your company’s customized login page has numerous advantages. Land in a familiar territory.

Very Easy To Deploy;

LogMeOnce is easy to deploy, navigate and requiring a minimum of setup and configuration to get up and running. Out of the box is ready for any vertical.

Huge Margins & Net Profit;

We offer huge discounts for our MSP partners. LogMeOnce has multiple award-winning products, thus you have more to sell and collect revenue.

NFR Licensing;

Big discount is offered to our partners. This huge discount applies to all LogMeOnce products and are fully functional security suites.

Centralized Management ;

LogMeOnce MSP Management Portal provides centralized and hierarchical structure with a global view of all of your clients, their licenses , status, etc.

Effortless Onboarding;

LogMeOnce reduces the laborious task of onboarding / off-boarding, by eliminating issues, reducing costs, and minimizing human involvement.

Sales Tag Team;

LogMeOnce can be involved in the sales cycle and will support you. We can do the heavy lifting whether initially or anytime you need.

MDF Funds;

LogMeOnce offers Market Development Fund (MDF) to help our partners with marketing activities.
Its a % based on what has been sold.

Multitenancy ;

LogMeOnce's secure multitenancy offers multiple independent, dedicated and secure instances of our SaaS applications operatring in tandem.

Short Implementation Cycle;

If a reseller preregisters a deal with us, you protect your deal and get 10% of the margin as long as you are involved working to close the deal.

Sales & Marketing Collateral;

We have compiled collection of media to assist our MSPs with marketing and sales activities This is to help improve the sales of product and/or service.

Quality Leads & Sales Support;

Ask the right questions, identify and qualify your leads and existing clients. Know if they are the right fit for you to offer password management solution.

Save your Technician's time;

Its resource intensive. As MSPs your are responsible for managing clients’ accounts and thousands of their credential. Save time with LogMeOnce.

Granular Access Control;

Our access permissions determine an admin (technician) or a user's ability to perform powerful and specific actions such as “Read, Update, or Delete”.

Lead / Deal Registration;

Our Lead registration is the practice of managing and maturing sales leads with our MSP partners. It is easy to protect your deals, efforts & accounts

Offer Professional Services;

Easily make more money. LogMeOnce products are excellent for offering additional services such as training, security best practices, and more.

Stand Out & Differentiate;

Differentiate yourself among your competitors. Not only cybersecurity products are in demand, but also LogMeOnce has more products to sell.

Easy Residual Income;

After the first year, with little to no effort maintain your accounts and earn up to 50% of margin on the same deals you earned during the first year

Our partners offer LogMeOnce’s platform, where users
experience time-saving benefits from eliminating daily password
management hassles.

Partners also find great results working with IT administrators,
who feel the consequences of unnecessary help desk costs to
resolve “Forgot Password” problems and other related access management costs.

Choose From Two Easy Options To Become a LogMeOnce Partner

Sales Partner

  • Ideal for partners considering promoting or reselling LogMeOnce to their clients
  • Billed annually
  • Discount level is 25% starting margin, with tiered volume discounts

MSP partner

  • Ideal for MSP who are responsible for setup and monthly maintenance of their clients logmeonce account.
  • Billed monthly
  • Discount level is 30% starting margin with tiered volume discount

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