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  • Comprehensive Platform: Secure passwords, accounts, and online identity across all your devices.
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  • Proven Track Record: With a long history of globally recognized security products, LogMeOnce sets the standard for password management.
  • Innovative Security Solutions Since 1995: Our executive team founders have developed and successfully delivered over 15 award-winning security products to consumers, businesses, federal government, and state government agencies across the globe.
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LogMeOnce 1Password LastPass Dashlane
Password Manager
Passwordless QR Login
Passwordless Selfie Login
Multiple Login Options,
FaceID, Fingerprint, PIN,
Account Freeze
Scheduled Login
Patented Adaptive
Zero Trust Authentication
Fine-grained access control
& delegated administration
Encrypted file storage 10GB 1GB 1GB 1GB
Mugshot Security
Password SHOCK© Security
2FA Support
2FA & MFA options
Identity Theft Protection
Dark web Monitoring
Autofill passwords
Breach monitoring & alerts
Password sharing
Password generator

LogMeOnce is Passwordless & Patented since 2011


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