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“Passwords are terrible. We all hate them. But we’re stuck with them until something better comes along. Still, it seems like adding insult to injury when the first thing a password manager does is ask you to create and remember…a master password! The developers at LogMeOnce feel your pain. If you have a smartphone or mobile device available, LogMeOnce Password Management Suite is perfectly happy without a master password. This free password manager rivals in its broad feature set, and offers more features than most of its for-pay competitors.“  By PC Magazine – 2016

For Your

Modernize your login and authentication process. Give the right workforce the right access at the right time. With LogMeOnce Passwordless MFA, your team can move faster, automate processes, and eliminate friction. With confidence in their security, they can better focus and overall productivity can rise.

For Your

Delight your customers with personalized and inherently secure access. Deliver seamless, secure, and personalized customer experiences with passwordless MFA login and beyond. Easily build customer loyalty by providing effortless login capabilities via LogMeOnce PasswordLess MFA Solutions.

For Agencies,
State & Federal Gov.

Whether you are creating mandates or adhering to established compliance requirements, providing an effective secure login for all government employees is of paramount importance. Easily maintain audit logs for authorized or unauthorized access requests built on “zero trust” security principles.


Avoid unnecessary headaches and securely access your data from anywhere, any time. Standardize and simplify your security and authentication with the LogMeOnce Passwordless MFA options. The entire process is seamless.

Students taking a self portrait with smart phone.
Selfie Photo Login
(Passwordless MFA)

The patented secure login through a selfie photo option is a powerful, utterly convenient, and highly secure alternative to a traditional password. Each photo has a story to tell, with background and scene information that adds to your distinct authentication. How does a hacker know where you were sitting (coffee shop, office, home), or what you were wearing at the exact moment you posed to create your selfie “password”?
This dynamically strong security feature is strong and capable of properly authenticating your identity. Subtle changes can make each picture (password!) more unique. If you don’t want to snap a photo of yourself, use any object nearby like the mug, water bottle, or show off your bracelet or cufflinks. Each selfie photo becomes a new and dynamic password, as it is discarded in 60 seconds or upon use.
Best of all you get to authenticate yourself—not robots or servers. READ MORE.

Scanning QR code with mobile smart phone. Isolated on white.
QR Code Login
(Passwordless MFA)

The LogMeOnce patented QR code login is a highly secure, convenient, and strong authentication factor. Use your mobile phone to scan a random, unique QR code from your computer monitor. It is assigned to your account, whenever you are ready to login. QR codes are randomly generated through a complex authentication engine.

This powerful and patented LogMeOnce feature adds a tremendous convenience and ease of use to your daily login activities. Each QR code is discarded upon use, or in 60 seconds after it was created. It enables IdPs’ users to attain passwordless MFA login with high security.

Red fingerprint
Biometrics Login
(Passwordless MFA)

Login to your computer, laptop, or mobile devices with non-transferrable biometrics fingerprints. If your desktop or laptop computers do not have a hardware biometrics or fingerprint reader, don’t worry. LogMeOnce facilitates your authentication to your accounts with ease. We enable you to use your trusted mobile device as authentication hardware. This also rules out the possibility of sharing unauthorized passwords on behalf of another colleague.

Concept of face recognition software and hardware
Face ID
(Passwordless MFA)

Standardize and simplify your security and authentication with LogMeOnce passwordless MFA options. Log in to your account via your phone’s face recognition. You won’t have to type in passwords or use a second authentication factor (2FA). LogMeOnce includes automatic 2FA. Just use your mobile device camera and easily login.

LogMeOnce Passwordless PIN Login
(Passwordless MFA)

Avoid unnecessary headaches and securely access from anywhere any time. Don’t type passwords—LogMeOnce enables you to log in to your account by entering a PIN via your mobile phone! Logging in becomes a stress-free experience!

Make Your Identity Provider Passwordless MFA!

LogMeOnce enables IdPs to become Passwordless MFA, thus powering their userbase with strong and Passwordless Multi-Factor authentication (MFA).

Integrating your identity provider with LogMeOnce Passwordless MFA has numerous advantages:

  • LogMeOnce is a pioneer with passwordless MFA, dating back to 2011.
  • Make your IdP Passwordless MFA ready.
  • Delight your team with security and productivity associated with passwordless authentication.
  • Reduce IT and helpdesk costs associated with managing passwords.
  • Simplify your workforce access to applications, eliminating frictions, downtime, and stress.
  • Provides administrators with technology built on powerful and configurable zero trust security policies to secure and manage access to your organization resources in addition tocreating a complete audit trail for optimal compliance.

How It Works
(LogMeOnce Zero Trust Adaptive Authentication)

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