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Winter Storm Titan: LogmeOnce Saves the Earth with Olympians of Password Security

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Mar 03, 2014 Winter Storm Titan: LogmeOnce Saves the Earth with Olympians of Password Security

LogmeOnce password manager and secure USB provide Identity Management solutions that enable auto login while protecting against forgotten passwords, password loss and resets

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2014 — It’s March and much of the country is still being harassed by this year’s violent snow and ice. In light of the recent conditions, LogmeOnce, an all-new password management and security company, has released a YouTube video illustrating the importance of keeping track of your internet passwords. The bundled-up and chilly girl in the video is trying desperately to book a vacation to a warmer climate, but can’t log on to the travel website because she can’t remember her password.

“We certainly made this video in a lighthearted nature, but password management is not a joke,” says LogmeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi. “We are officially in the age of the internet, which means most of us have accounts with a myriad of websites. Making the passwords easy to remember is completely counterintuitive and leaves you open to hacks. So, the challenge becomes creating passwords that are long and confusing so that you can be secure, but how do you remember all of that?
That’s exactly why we started LogmeOnce; remembering your password will never be an issue again.”LogmeOnce, set to launch its signature password manager application this month, is currently offering free, military-grade encryption services to those who register early.

Fresh off their experience at Trust Digital, which was acquired by McAfee in 2010, LogmeOnce founders Kevin Shahbazi and Mike Shahbazi are nearing the release of their company’s signature product. The LogmeOnce password manager lets users securely log in from any device with one login, protecting their data in the cloud, their desktop and even a USB. It also
supports multi-factor authentication, which will significantly cut down the amount of time and effort users need to manage their accounts while giving them peace of mind.

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Confidently helping consumers and organizations protect their identity, data and information with identity and access management solutions, LogmeOnce develops, markets and supports a seamless and secure Single Sign-On, Identity and Access Management productivity suite. During the past two decades, the LogmeOnce executive management team has earned a global reputation for innovative, standards-based, security solutions and has captured numerous national and international industry awards. As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), LogmeOnce’s security suite includes a wide range of products, productivity solutions, cryptographic and e-security applications. LogmeOnce markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through a variety of partners. For more information about LogmeOnce, please visit www.LogmeOnce.com, call 1-800-935-4619, fax 866.732.0324, or email Media@LogmeOnce.com.

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