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Hikvision Admin Password Reset

Most Hikvision users are unaware of the importance of setting up a safe and secure password for their admin accounts. The Hikvision admin controls access to the powerful features and functionality of the system, so a strong, long password is essential to keep data secured. Unfortunately, if the password is lost, a reset may be needed. In this article, we explain the Hikvision admin password reset process, and the benefit of using LogMeOnce as a secure and reliable password management tool for storage.

How to Reset your Hikvision Admin Password

If you’ve lost your admin account password to your Hikvision system, there are two ways to approach resetting it. First, you can try the default admin password that was set during the installation. For Hikvision devices and software, the default user name is “admin”, and the initial password is either “888888” or “12345”. But if these passwords fail, you’ll need to take additional steps for a reset.

To reset a Hikvision account password, you have two options–reset the local password via the System Maintenance window in the web interface, or use a third-party password resetting tool. The System Maintenance window requires you to access the device or software locally and enter the Maintenance window. Here, you can reset the admin password manually. This is a bit complex and hard to remember, so it’s not the best way.

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Resetting Your Hikvision Admin Password using LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite offers a better way of resetting your Hikvision admin password. LogMeOnce is a streamlined platform for password management and digital security. It’s an easy-to-use tool designed with powerful features that protect and secure all of your logins, across all your devices.

LogMeOnce provides a built-in Password Reset Wizard, which can help you reset your Hikvision admin password in no time. All that is required are three simple steps. First, you will be asked to identify a recovery email address and two security questions. This will help the platform to securely track your account in the event that you ever become locked out or forget your login information. Next, you will be asked to create a new password and then confirm it before moving on to the third and last step, which is verify the identity. Once all this is completed, the reset is complete and you can log into your Hikvision account.

The entire Reset process with is fast and simple, and ensures that your data is secure and safe from hackers and malicious attackers. LogMeOnce is also compatible with Hikvision’s two-factor authentication, offering an additional layer of security. As an added plus, is available as a FREE basic account.


Q: What is the exact process for resetting a Hikvision admin password?

A: To reset an admin password for a Hikvision device or software, you have two options–you can either use the default password provided during installation, or you can reset the password using a third-party password management tool, like LogMeOnce.

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Q: How do I reset my admin password with LogMeOnce?

A: LogMeOnce provides a Password Reset Wizard, which will guide you through the reset process in three simple steps. First, you will identify a valid email address and security questions to secure your account. Second, you will create a new password. And third, you will verify your identity.

Q: Can I use two-factor authentication with LogMeOnce?

A: Yes, LogMeOnce is compatible with Hikvision’s two-factor authentication, to ensure extra layer of security.


An admin password is essential to protect the powerful features and functionality of a Hikvision system. The bottom line is that LogMeOnce Password Manager is a better option. So if you’re looking for the best protection for your accounts, consider setting up a FREE LogMeOnce account. Signup for a Free account at LogMeOnce.com. If your admin password is lost or forgotten, a reset is necessary. This guide will help you recover it with the protection of LogMeOnce Password Manager.



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