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What Is a Password Book & Should You Use One?

Our modern lives involve the everyday use of technology. More specifically, we are continually using digital devices that let us go online. The internet has changed the way we live our lives. We can now manage our finances online, order products, book appointments, and so on.

It has certainly made things a lot simpler and more convenient. However, the use of the internet also carries certain risks that revolve around security. After all, you don’t want anyone getting into your account, stealing valuable information, or money.

The weakest link in online security is often the password. Most people create simple passwords because they are easy to remember, but this makes their passwords easy to figure out. This is why you should consider using a password book for all your accounts.

What is a Password Book?

We have countless accounts on our devices, and all of them have passwords. Remembering them all can prove to be a challenge. Also, many third-party apps are designed to help you save your passwords. But what happens if your device gets hacked?

This is why many decided to take an alternative route to protect their passwords. Instead of storing them digitally, they figured that putting passwords on paper would be a better idea. Password Books are specially designed books where you can write down your password.

It might sound crazy, but it’s actually not a good idea. We forgot the art of writing things down. Our computers remember everything for us. This has become a vulnerability, and this is why password books were created first and later password managers..

Why is Paper Back?

It might seem counter intuitive to use a low-tech option for problems that revolve around techy stuff. Isn’t it better to use digital technologies to save up your passwords and manage them? Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple for some people.

The first reason why this option has been used is that people feel overburdened with digital technology. Everything is done online. There are countless procedures, methodologies, and passwords we have to keep in mind when doing something.

There’s no simplicity anymore. This can be a challenge for many people, especially if they haven’t grown up with computers. For example, people who are over 70 years old will always find it more challenging to learn how to do new things on computers.

Why You Should Consider Using a Password Book

Yes, all of this might sound strange. We are living at the peak of computer technology, why should we turn back to paper? Before you completely shut down this idea, make sure to read some of the reasons we talk about below and see for yourself if this might be a good idea.

Password Books are Simple

People often use password managers that are too complex. They misuse these tools without fully understanding them. This often causes security issues. People often even lock themselves out from their passwords and accounts.

This is where the real headache starts. It could take months to get all of your passwords back. With password books, there are no similar scenarios. It’s all between you and a good old piece of paper. You simply write down all the passwords for your accounts.

You can divide them in any way you want. For example, each page can be for one account, or you can write the names of the account and their passwords underneath. Simply put, everyone knows how to write things down on paper. You don’t need a manual or a list of instructions to understand what you’re doing.

No Hacker can Access Your Password Books!

The most apparent thing about password books is that they are in the physical world. Simply put, nobody can get to them. If you put your book in a safe place, there is almost a 0% chance that anyone will ever see it or find it.

At the same time, criminals aren’t aware that you can store your passwords this way. Everyone thinks that people save up their passwords on their browsers or in some digital documents. This is where the counterintuitive approach works its magic.

Digital password managers can help protect your passwords. However, if you manage them poorly or make mistakes online and let someone breach your computer, they can become a huge liability. If someone accesses your password manager, they’ll be able to get into all of your accounts.

They are Easy to Understand

Again, we go back to one of the essential things – simplicity. Whenever you want to read a password or remind yourself of one, open your book and read it. Everyone can do this very quickly, and you can even carry your book along with you in a bag.

That way, you can access all of your accounts from your mobile device while on the go. It might seem like a hassle, but losing tons of personal information or money online can be far worse.

At the same time, we mentioned older folks that need to find a way to memorize all of the passwords. But they need to do this safely. This is where password books can be beneficial. They are neatly categorized, stored, and you can find some with large fonts. This makes it easy for anyone to write down and read their passwords.


In the end, password books let you write any kind of password. No matter how complex the account login is, how many steps are there, what information you need to type in, or how complicated your password is, you can put them all down on paper and read with ease.

A lot of password books come with pages filled with categories and additional information you can type in. If you like, you can even create puzzles, riddles, or write down passwords in your own secretive way that nobody else would understand. This will make your accounts completely secure. That begin said, I highly recommend you to use password manager to secure your passwords effectively.



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