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The Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring for Businesses

Did you know that about 48% of online data exists on the dark web? Because this consists of people’s stolen personal and financial information, it’s critical to understand the threat that this corner of the internet poses to your business data.

Dark web monitoring ensures that your client data and business information aren’t leaked and sold.

But why is this important? How does it work?

Let’s take a look.

The Dark Web and Its Impacts

For those unfamiliar with the dark web, it’s an area of the internet that’s not accessible via common browser software. This makes it a subsection of the ‘deep web,’ which users can only access via the Tor Onion browser and similar technologies.

Most of the deep web is used for totally legal activities including bitcoin exchanges, secure transactions, and coding that makes sites on the clear web run smoothly.

However, the dark web is a different animal. It’s a hub for criminal activity. The most common activities include scams, data theft, and the stealing and sales of financial and personal information for nefarious purposes.

How Can This Harm Your Business?

As you may expect, dark web activity can have a hugely adverse effect on businesses. Some potential issues include:

  • Hackers damaging and destroying your network so that machines stop working (causing you to need to replace machinery)
  • Virtual theft (financial and personal information)
  • Identity theft and sales (after virtual data theft)
  • Noncompliance fines from corporate or government entities
  • Damaged reputations when employee/client information is stolen
  • Loss of business due to poor reputation

These problems arise when dark web hackers bug your network and steal data. Malware can connect to and damage your network when certain emails are opened and pop-up ads are clicked. This information will then be given to hackers to sell on the dark web.

Since the average data breach costs a company around $3.68 million, it’s critical that you invest in dark web monitoring services to secure business data.

Dark Web Monitoring Solutions

Dark web monitoring software looks for mentions of a company on dark web forums.

The technology scours these forums and looks for those that talk about employees, clients, and the enterprise itself. You can ask it to look for specific keywords and tie it to your business network for added impact.

Some things that dark web monitoring looks for include:

  • Customer lists and data about clients
  • Employee passwords and login credentials
  • Trade secrets for a given company
  • Innovations stored on your network
  • Valuable datasets that track trends and sales
  • Valuable intellectual property and brand information

How Does This Work?

The lack of page indexing is one of the key features of the dark web. Hackers love this because they can engage in private communications between others who are looking to buy, sell, and trade information.

It’s essential that businesses select a solution that can scour information that is only accessible via Tor and I2P.

The software uses web crawlers and automated scanners to find and look into potential data breaches. These web crawlers scrape through the dark web to reduce the likelihood of a breach. It will alert the company IT team that manages the technology if it identifies a risk.

With real-time alerts and troubleshooting systems, these solutions are perfect for greatly reducing the risk of any business threat.

Reducing the Risk of Dark Web Theft

Impactful solutions to catch cyber criminals use multiple technologies rather than just one. You should integrate your LogMeOnce dark web monitoring software with its PasswordLess login process.

Here’s how PasswordLess login works:

  1. Sign onto your business Cloud with LogMeOnce
  2. Set up a secure key for each user that no one else can access
  3. Trust in multi-factor identification for multiple layers of security
  4. Engage in SSL/TLS encrypted communications that are deposited to AmazonCloud
  5. Automatically let LogMeOnce store IDs and passwords with military-level HASH and SALT algorithms
  6. Secure your Amazon card so that each user’s cloud safety deposit box is accessible only by authorized users
  7. Let authorized users have a one-click sign in and sign out

Users will then have secure and easy access to data. This lessens the probability that information will end up on the dark web in the first place.

But how will you know if it does? What can you do then?

Identity Protection Packages

Your IT team can use LogMeOnce’s ‘Identity’ protection package for dark web monitoring. The technology used for monitoring will integrate with the PasswordLess security key to learn and understand the data that authorized users are protecting.

The entire process will ensure that you get real-time alerts when there are blips and breaks in normal user trends. You can then choose what action to take based on the dark web forum leak that you identify.

We also offer specialized team and business packages as well as specific enterprise solutions. While you need to contact sales for identity protection services and work out a payment plan, the other packages come with a 2-week free trial.

Protect Your Business Today

Now that you know why dark web monitoring is critical for your business, it’s time to begin protecting your employees, your clients, and yourself. Sign up for trusted and reputable identity protection software today.

Our experts pride ourselves on giving you the ability to analyze and track your business activity on both the clear and dark web to keep you safe and secure. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing password manager or IAM tool as well. We look forward to working with you soon!



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