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7 Business Cybersecurity Rules to Use in 2022

Can your business survive if a hacker steals $1 million from your bank account? A single cyberattack can wipe out your business overnight. Losing significant funds and customer trust is detrimental for many companies.

Business cybersecurity rules help you avoid the dangers of a cyberattack. Companies must prioritize digital security for their survival.

The cyber-world is complex. However, a few fundamental business cybersecurity rules will keep the intruders at bay. Incorporate these business cybersecurity rules to enhance your company’s digital security. 

1. Enable Two-Step Authentication

Two-Step Authentication is an easy way to protect your business. After users enter their username and password, they will receive an additional prompt. 

The user will receive an email or text message containing a unique code. The code expires within a few minutes to thwart hackers. 

Two-step authentication makes it harder for hackers to access employee accounts. These hackers will need the username, password, and expiring verification code. The hacker must also wait for the exact moment an employee logs into their account. 

This extra layer of protection will significantly boost digital security. However, your company can do more to enhance business cybersecurity.

2. Periodically Change Business Passwords

Two-Step Authentication comes in handy if a hacker obtains username and password details. However, don’t test your luck. Changing passwords further protects your business.

A hacker does not need every employees’ login details. Some hackers only need one employee’s details to inflict damage on your business.

Hackers can obtain an employee’s login details from another cybersecurity attack. People often use the same username and password for multiple websites.

Asking employees to change their passwords every 6-8 weeks will increase digital security. Business password tips like this one keep your company safe. A hacker may obtain a password, but that password may get changed when they try to attack.

3. Train Employees Every Quarter

The best business cybersecurity rules revolve around employee empowerment. Investing in your employees’ education will pay great dividends. Employees will appreciate the training, and it will enhance your company’s digital security.

Every quarter, offer cybersecurity training to your employees. You can do it in person or via a webinar. You can either train your employees or hire a cybersecurity expert.

Short, quarterly training sessions strike a proper balance. You don’t want to overwhelm and annoy your employees with too many training sessions. Too much of anything can become a bad thing.

However, you also want to empower your employees to protect themselves from hackers. These training sessions will also help your employees stay safe outside your company.

4. Create Reporting Procedures

Every business should adopt cybersecurity policies. However, some businesses get hacked regardless of their efforts. What should employees do if your company gets hacked?

Reporting procedures help employees inform you about threats and attacks. Discovering a cyberattack at the moment can mitigate damage. You can move important files, change passwords, and force logout every employee.

Create a special email address your employees can report cyber-attacks and threats. These procedures will leave your business better prepared for an attack.

5. Create Backup Copies of Important Documents

Once inside your system, a hacker can cause havoc. They may access essential documents and delete them from your system. Losing important documents can set some businesses back several years. 

Anticipate a cyber attack by creating a backup. If a hacker deletes your documents, you can upload your backup copies to a new cloud server. 

Keep backup copies on a separate cloud service away from employees. The top-secret nature of these backup copies will reduce the number of entrances for a hacker.

6. Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Not every business thinks about its Wi-Fi network as a liability. These networks allow your employees to access the internet and seem harmless.

However, hackers will try to access your Wi-Fi network. If they enter your network, they can do the following:

  • Track users by their devices
  • Compromise passwords
  • Discover and reveal information about where a person works or travels

Hackers can learn sensitive information by hacking into your Wi-Fi Network. Mobile Wi-Fi devices presented the added risk of easy tracking across locations.

Use a secure, encrypted, and hidden Wi-Fi network. Make sure only your employees can see your company’s Wi-Fi network. 

A wireless access point or router allows you to hide your Wi-Fi network. This setup does not broadcast the network name to the public. Use a password to protect access to the router, and change it at least once per quarter.

Do not reuse passwords for your Wi-Fi network or use something predictable. Hackers can conduct millions of password attempts in a few days. They use generic passwords for these attempts. 

A strong password will help, but take extra steps to protect your Wi-Fi network.

7. Limit Employee Authority

Giving employees access to cloud management software lets them quickly access documents. However, employees do not need access to every business document.

Limiting access to certain documents gives hackers fewer opportunities to access those documents. You should also restrict who gets to install software on work computers. 

Internet software can contain viruses and give hackers easy access to sensitive information. Limiting employee authority decreases the likelihood of a cyberattack.

Prioritize Business Cybersecurity

Hackers continue to get smarter each day. Business cybersecurity helps keep them out of your business. 

Password management represents your best defense against hackers. LogMeOnce keeps those passwords secure and protects important documents. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your business cybersecurity efforts.



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