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The Surefire Best Way to Remember Passwords

Do you know nearly 281.5 million people have been affected by a sort of data breach in 2021 alone? That scary, right? Data breach leads to financial loss and reputational damage to individuals and business.

Besides, if you are a business owner, breach of customer data will have legal consequences. Using passwords is your best line of defense against a data breach. A strong password will offer crucial protection against financial fraud and identity theft.

However, if you can’t remember passwords to all your various accounts, you might be in trouble.

If you have many online accounts, you must protect them using different and unique passwords. Besides, you have to keep updating your passwords regularly to prevent your accounts from being compromised. But the more passwords you have, the higher the chances of forgetting some of them.

The last thing you want is to forget the password to your bank account or other important online accounts. So, do you know how to remember passwords to all of your online accounts? Worry no more.

Here is the surefire best way to remember passwords.

Create a Tip Sheet to Remember Passwords

If you have more than ten passwords, it would be impossible to memorize all of them. For this reason, you can consider creating a tip sheet. In the tip sheet, you only write clues involving your password that can help you jog your memory around if you forget any password.

If you write your actual passwords down, they might end up falling on a wandering eye. Therefore, the password clue should only be something that only you can relate to. For example, if your password is your pet’s name, the clue to write down can be the name ‘pet.’

Try Using Shortcuts

When creating your passwords, you have to ensure your passwords are easy to remember and hard for other people to guess. By using shortcuts such as abbreviations, you can create easy-to-remember passwords.

Using the first and the last letter of the website and combining them with letters would be an excellent way to create a short and secure password. For example, you can include the letters F and B in your password if you are accessing Facebook. You can also use the name of the color of the website’s logo.

Create Your Own Code

Replacing numbers with letters and misspelling some words is a good strategy for creating strong passwords. You can opt to replace the third and fourth numbers of your passwords with letters. For example, you can have your password looking like this- 34BC345.

If you opt to use letters instead of numbers, ensure to have some of the letters replaced with numbers.

Remove Vowels

If replacing letters with numbers is not your thing, you can remove all the vowels in your password. If your password is “billboard,” your password shall be “bllbr” by removing the vowels. But to make your password secure, ensure to include numbers and special characters.

Create a Phrase From a Memorable sentence

Creating a phrase from a favorite sentence is a creative way of coming up with a unique password that is easy to remember. From the sentence, you can use abbreviations that mean something to you.

For example: “I dream of becoming a billionaire.” This would become something like IDrBe66Bi. Adding the number to the phrase will make the password more unique and secure.

Use a Base Password

If having different passwords for every account is challenging, you can use a base password. Tweaking base passwords will give you unique passwords for all your accounts

To make the password memorable, you can add the name or the first letter of the website. If your base password is “orng@bmd,” you can make it unique to your Instagram account by adding Insta3@gram to form orng@bmdinsta3@gram.

Build a Password From a Favorite Song

If you have a favorite song, it’s pretty hard to forget it. By creating a unique password from such a song, you are assured it will stick to your memory. Choose your base password from a phrase or a word from a song you love.

Ensure to pick words or phrases that have a meaning to you. You can choose a term that triggers your emotion or refers to an experience you have been through.

But if reading books is your thing, choose a phrase from your favorite book. Ensure to choose a phrase from the first page or any other page that is easy to remember.

Use a Secure Browser that Can Remember Them For You

If you don’t want the struggle of creating and saving passwords on your own, use browsers that generates and saves the passwords for you. Using such browsers, you can create many unique passwords as you want.

However, don’t save your passwords on such browsers if you use a shared computer.

Use of Password Manager

Although having all passwords in one place is a bad idea, some passwords managers allow you to keep passwords safely in one location. Password managers also synchronize your passwords across different devices.

Even if you have registered passwords on your phones, you can still access them from your laptop if you have a password vault. But when choosing password managers, pay attention to the features of the password manager.

The best password manager should have a secured password vault and be end-to-end encrypted.

You Now Know the Best Way to Remember Your Passwords 

To protect all your online accounts, you must have unique and strong passwords. But to remember all your passwords, you must take the proper measures. Read the above tips and discover the surefire best way to remember passwords.

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