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How to Share A Secure Password With Your Employees

Do you have a lot of passwords you need to keep track of? Are they all the same or similar, increasing your vulnerability? Have you been using “password” as your password all these years?

On the individual level, you only need to worry about yourself. You ought to follow the best practices for safely securing your logins and passwords. One of the best ways to do this is with a secure password manager.

A password manager takes the headache out of remembering all of your login credentials. With a password manager, you can store your information safely in one place.

But what about working with a team — especially if your team is working remotely? How can you store your passwords securely, let alone share them with colleagues?

In this blog, we will touch on how to store and share a secure password with your employees. Keep reading to learn more.

Pssst… What’s Your Password?

Think about how you would share a password with your family or friends. Do you send it over text, e-mail, or pen and paper? While convenient, these methods are not the safest.

When you share this way, you are opening yourself up to vulnerabilities. Storing information in plain text is heavily not recommended. You cannot operate out of pure convenience; you need to rely on password management.

Sharing Is Caring

In today’s remote business world, you sometimes need to share a secure password. This might happen when a team needs access to a certain login credential. Another example would be if a client needs access to a certain app or program.

Having a password manager for business is the way to go in today’s work climate. Through encryption, you function much more efficiently and securely. Gone are the days of storing passwords on spreadsheets, thus leaving open entry points for hackers and prying eyes.

Control Freak

With a team password manager, you have more control over how you share a secure password than ever before. As an administrator, you can determine which parties have access to which information. This alone increases the company’s security.

What happens when someone leaves the company and you no longer want them to have access to things? You can control this, too, by updating the secure password. With synchronization enabled, everyone is always on the same page.

Having control over a secure password will drastically remove the fear of a data breach. For a small business, this is everything. With a password management system, your IT department can see exactly who is sharing what.

Having a Secure Password Is Key

You are now well aware of the importance of a secure password. When you store your passwords in a team password manager, you are doing the right thing as a unit.

Keeping things secure with a private key through encryption is the name of the game. To protect you and your team, sign up for a free LogMeOnce trial today!



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