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Introducing Password Shock: A Way to Get Back at Nosy Hackers

For a long time, common people were only able to try and defend themselves against cyber attacks. These attacks have become exponentially more ruthless over the past years. Just remember the WannaCry debacle and the chaos it wrecked across the online landscape.

The team behind LogMeOnce, the easy-to-use password management software, has come up with a solution to help people give cybercriminals a taste of their own medicine. This feature is called Password SHOCK, and it packs some serious hacker repellant power. Let us bring this game-changing feature closer to you. Here are some Password Shock basics that you should know of.


What is Password Shock

Password SHOCK is a brand new LogMeOnce feature and was developed with the latest cybersecurity threats in mind. In essence, password SHOCK enhances your defenses. The users who have it running will immediately receive a “Hack Alert” the moment someone tries to hijack their account.

The alert comes regardless of the device the hacker is using to find out your password. At the same time, hackers are in for a treat as well. In fact, users of LogMeOnce have several options at their disposal.

They can set up the Password SHOCK to do numerous things with the hackers mobile device. Imagine the face of the sneaky hackers when their phone starts vibrating, playing loud music, flashing morse code, shaking the image on the screen, or starts turning the LED flashlight on and off.

Users can easily adjust for how long they wish the SHOCK treatment to last and the intruders won’t get it the first time they try to get the password on your LogMeOnce account or your mobile phone. First, they get a polite notification that you are aware of their ill intents and that they should stop what they are doing. If they don’t, the SHOCK treatment kicks in to deter them.

Using Password SHOCK is Easy

Password SHOCK is designed as an automated feature, which makes it really easy to use. What does this mean? Once you have enabled and set up Password SHOCK, you can lay back and relax knowing that your security is tight and that you don’t have to do anything else.

In fact, this feature will send automated responses and automatically trigger actions on the hacker’s device. This is an easy and convenient way get the “I’m serious about my security and my password!” message out there.

After the SHOCK treatment, there is no intruder that will continue to bother you any time soon, if not at ever again. In any case, Password SHOCK will get you one step closer to getting rid of nosy hackers for good. Another great thing to know about this feature is that it is easy to use and set up.

You are basically just a few clicks away from getting top notch security for your online assets – online accounts and credit card information.

Here is how you can test it and put it to use yourself.


Enabling Password SHOCK

Regardless of whether you’ve already used the LogMeOnce password manager or not, using the Password SHOCK is straightforward. Once you are logged in to your LogMeOnce account, all you have to do is click on the Smart Menu, select the “Security” section and click on the Password Shock button.

This action will bring up the intuitive Password SHOCK configuration screen. If you don’t have the time to mess with the configuration, you can use the default settings and Password SHOCK will take care of your security business for you. Want to see what awaits the hackers who decide to pick on you? Click on the “Test Drive” button, sit back, and enjoy.

On the other hand, if you are tech-savvy with your online security software, you can fine-tune Password SHOCK to your own liking. To do this, you have to click on “Advanced Configurations”. This will bring up a detailed configuration panel.

In this configuration panel you can set up restriction for unknown devices, restriction for known devices (this option is quite useful if your phone gets lost or stolen), and actions to be performed on the hacker’s device for each unauthorized login attempt.


Account Freeze – Password SHOCK Silent Partner

When you access the Password SHOCK panel, you will see the Account Freeze button right next to the one that enables or disables Password SHOCK. The team behind LogMeOnce has decided to help the users by adding a bonus feature and put more control in their hands.

Account Freeze is an excellent follow up for Password SHOCK. When users get alerts about suspicious activity on their account, they can trigger the Account Freeze to prevent anyone from getting access to their online assets.

Users can specify how long the freeze will hold and which device has to be used to get the account unfrozen. While the Account Freeze is in place, all the login attempts and hacker’s metadata are still tracked and recorded.

Password SHOCK is an amazingly powerful feature that extends the functionality of renowned password management software – LogMeOnce. While it provides an increased level of security, it remains an easy-to-use feature. And if we may add, a feature which is unique in this cyber warfare, because it allows users to fight back and make preemptive strikes against hackers.



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