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Do you trust your identity?
Do you trust your device?
Do you trust your network?

Is it time to adopt zero trust security?



Since 2011,

LogMeOnce has followed zero trust security principles.


What Is Zero Trust? → Don’t trust. Always verify. LogMeOnce is both a “zero trust” and “zero knowledge” technology vendor. Back in 2011, upon our inception, we developed our products and core architecture based on zero trust security principles (6 Pillars). Our comprehensive security controls protect access to data across multiple layers. As a zeroknowledge technology company, LogMeOnce does not know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. You are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password, security credentials, and encryption key—only you can decrypt your account.

Zero Trust

Today’s organizations need a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located.


Zero Trust

The zero trust modelhas three core principles: assume breach, verify explicitly, use least privileged access.


How to Become
Zero Trust

Implementing zero trust starts with identifying your security boundaries, assets, resources, and network access points. LogMeOnce achieves zero trust adoption within your organization with ease and speed.


Zero Trust

LogMeOnce Passwordless MFA solution controls access to your resources using conditional zero trust access rules. It monitors and enforces organizational policies in realtime

Since 2011,, as a pioneer in passwordless solutions, LogMeOnce has developed its technology platform based on zero trust security principles. Choose LogMeOnce high-security features, and protect your organization with the following LogMeOnceunrivaled & patented passwordless MFA login options:-


LogMeOnce Zero Trust Security Architecture

What is zero trust? In essence, this security principle  means trust is missing—there is no trust of the identity, device, network, application, data, or analytics (six pillars).

The zero trust security principle is based on building network defenses toward a more comprehensive IT security model that allows organizations to effectively identify, control, manage, and restrict access, through a multi-layered security effort that secures their data. This should not alter a user’s access, performance, or experience. The principle enforces strict access policies to safeguard the integrity of its six pillars, while granting access to relevant resources and assets only to legitimate users and entities.

The need for zero trust has become more important as most organizations conduct computing outside their perimeters such as in the cloud. This has made it significantly difficult for IT/security teams to securely manage workforce and customer authentications. All LogMeOnce products adhere to zero trust.

The Basics of Zero Trust

  • Who wants access? 
  • What device is the request originating from, and what is the device’s security posture?
  • What is the application policy for the user?
  • What network/location is access originating from?

Zero Trust Security Considerations

  • Assume the network is breached.
  • Assume the external and internal threats are always on the network.
  • Don’t trust the network.
  • Authenticate and authorize every device and user.
  • Implement dynamic policies based on data collected.
  • No account has implicit access without explicit permission.


Six Pillars of LogMeOnce “Zero Trust” Security Model

In 2011, when LogMeOnce was founded, we applied our deep expertise in federal and commercial markets, and understanding of their future needs and requirements, to create a technology platform architected and deployed based on a zero knowledge architecture. As a “zero knowledge” technology company, LogMeOnce does not know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. You are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key—only you can decrypt your account. Other benefits of the LogMeOnce zero knowledge technology includes: User Exclusive Access Rights, Browser Exclusive Password Access, Device Exclusive Access Rights, and more. 


Future-Proof Your Business With LogMeOnce “Zero Trust”



1.Identity : We focus on user identification, authentication, and access control policies that verify user attempts connecting to the network using dynamic, conditional access, and contextual data analysis. LogMeOnce protects content by requiring certain criteria is met before granting access. We use artificial intelligence determine a dynamic identity score—how infringing and high risk a user is.

2.Device : We perform a real-time security posture of the device to determine acceptable cybersecurity posture and trustworthiness. It starts with collecting unique information about a device that can then be used to link the device to an individual user. It tracks the policy compliance of all enrolled devices.

3.Network : Sensitive resources are isolated from being accessed by unauthorized people based on network location or geofence built at the time of access.

4.Infrastructure : Systems and services within the environment are protected against unintended and unauthorized access, and potential vulnerabilities.

5.Application : Access is secured at the application layer.

6.Data : Data is classified based on those who need access, further securing data.

7.Visibility and Analytics: User and system behavior analytics provide constant insights

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How It Works
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