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Password Manager

Powerful security software,
huge convenience.

Convenient login options

LogMeOnce works with your accounts and offers multiple ways to login to allow you to access what you need securely without a hassle.

Works with iOS and Android

LogMeOnce works with all your devices so you can access easily wherever you are with what you need.

Serious security everywhere

Do you use services like Dropbox, AmazonS3, iCloud or others? LogMeOnce can also encrypt your data to protect it in the cloud.

Learn more about Security

Clear pricing, flexible options

Pay for only the features you want to use, or bundle all of our services for a monthly plan that’s about the cost of a fancy coffee.


Get your free security tools now by signing up with your email. You can download LogMeOnce to your desktop or mobile device and instantly start setting up your accounts. Enhanced security and anti-hacker features are available for a low monthly fee, depending on what you need.

Basic Pro
  • Data Usage
    10 GB
  • MySQL Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
Standard Pro
  • Data Storage
    25 GB
  • MySQL Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
Advanced Pro
  • Data Storage
    50 GB
  • MySQL Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
Ultimate Pro
  • Data Usage
  • MySQL Databases
    Unlimited Database
  • Email Accounts
  • Free Domain

Welcome to Feature-rich LogMeOnce

54 unriveled “Top Features”, and counting...

1. No more Master password
2. Encrypted Password & File Storage
3. Password Manager with multiple login options
4. PasswordLess PhotoLogin
5. Password Generator and Dialer ©
6. Secure Password Sharing
7. Auto Login, Single Sign-On (SSO)
8. Autofill, Unlimited
9. Secure Wallet
10. Secure Note
11. Password Policy
12. Sync Passwords Across All Devices
13. Zero-Knowledge Technology
14. Password Beneficiary
15. Password Storage Options
16. Password Scorecard
17. Emergency Access with Photo
18. Multiple Password Recovery Options
19. Centralized Desktop Dashboard
20. Centralized Mobile Dashboard

21. Security, Custom-Made for You!
22. Anti-Theft
23. LogMeOnce Mugshot
24. Selfie-2FA (Additional Two-Factor Authentication)
25. Productivity Dock
26. Mobile Password Manager
27. Turn your USB into a 2FA Token
28. Smart Menu
29. Visual OTP
30. Anti-Lock
31. Comprehensive First-Factor Authentication (1FA) offerings
32. Comprehensive Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) offerings
33. Comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offerings
34. Kill-Pill
35. Router & Appliance Passwords
36. Automatic Password Changer
37. Application Catalogue
38. Fingerprint Biometrics

39. Secure & Private Browsing
40. Secure Backup
41. Secure Restore – Forgotten Passwords!
42. Weather Forecast
43. Live Password Tracker
44. Productivity, Reporting, Audit & Compliance
45. LogMeOnce Products Tree
46. Personalized to Your Taste
47. The best in class & Comprehensive Activity Report
48. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
49. Mobile Device Management (MDM)
50. Scheduled Login
51. Account Freeze
52. Password SHOCK
53. Security Summary
54. Daily Journal
55. Identity Risk Scorecard
56. Profile Photo,The Atlas of Features
57. Dark Web Monitoring

Welcome to Feature-rich LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite premium is completely free, and it outperforms many of its for-pay competitors.”

LogMeOnce is a strange but delightful gem. Strange because many of the features that its rivals offer at a price, it gives away for free. And that’s not just for the fingerprint scanner integration either. Unlimited sync? Check. Two-factor authentication? Check.”


Password Manager
with multiple login options

Access your account by logging in with your trusted mobile device. No more worries about keyloggers taking advantage of weak or duplicate passwords.
Only LogMeOnce offers a comprehensive number of login options with automatic 2FA. You always get the extra security layer of 2FA without the hassle of typing yet another password, SMS code, or a 2FA token. You get instant protection and instant access to your computer via your mobile device. What automatic 2FA will you choose?


Password-Less Password Manager
(No more, Master Password)

“Passwords are terrible. We all hate them. But we’re stuck with them until something better comes along. Still, it seems like adding insult to injury when the first thing a password manager does is ask you to create and remember…a master password! The developers at LogMeOnce feel your pain. If you have a smartphone or mobile device available, LogMeOnce Password Management Suite is perfectly happy without a master password. This free password manager rivals in its broad feature set, and offers more features than most of its for-pay competitors.“  By PC Magazine



Encrypted Password & File Storage

Shred, encrypt and protect your Passwords, Files & Photos
Are you storing data and files at iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon, or other storage sites? Great! But, shred and encrypt your data with your own strong AES key, and not just a generic password by any vendor.
LogMeOnce encrypts your passwords, files, and images on it’s popular security platform with your own AES key, ensuring that only you can access your data. LogMeOnce encrypts your data locally in your system with your own password (AES key), before uploading scrambled image/text onto cloud storage service.


PasswordLess Photo Login

Goodbye, Passwords.
You don’t need to use or remember passwords anymore!

  1. For PasswordLess access, click on PhotoLogin icon on your computer. We will snap a photo and send it to your mobile device. If you have multiple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, no worries. If you wish, you can enroll or un-enroll all of your devices. Choose device of the day, and send “today’s” authorizations to that device! Or change every hour, or every other login attempt. You have choices!
  2. Upon receiving a secure photo on your mobile device, you get to “Reject” or tap on “Yes, It’s me!”.
  3. Access is then granted to your desktop. Enjoy PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.


Password Generator and Dialer ©

Contrary to popular belief, strong passwords are not about special characters like !, %, and $. The secret to a solid password? Randomness and length. But coming up with a new one for every account takes up a lot of time!
With the LogmeOnce Calculator, you save time. Simply point your finger anywhere on the circular dial, rotate, and create a new strong password. Then simply copy and paste your new password in the right spot.


Secure Password Sharing

Sometimes you need to share a login, password or an app with a trusted family member, a coworker or a network. Even just sharing a FedEx account with team members in your project opens you up to security risk.
LogmeOnce lets you securely share apps, easily update and change passwords, or cancel at any time. Choose between “Closed Share” to hide data from the recipient or “Open Share” to open all all the data for view. With this feature, you are the only one in control of the shared password.


Auto Login, Single Sign-On (SSO)

With a single click, access all of your passwords on the LogmeOnce dashboard. Single sign-on allows secure authentication for third-party applications. Enjoy these automatic SSO login benefits:

  • Minimizes number of passwords to remember
  • Reduces phishing
  • Saves time and effort
  • Avoids keyloggers
  • Easier to secure
  • Access anywhere / anytime


Autofill, Unlimited!

Tired of filling out boring forms
Are you tired of entering “repetitive data” such as name, address, password and credit card number into the fields of a Web page order form or application? LogMeOnce Autofill feature automatically adds details and information to online forms by looking for data fields with common tags.


Secure Wallet

Do you enjoy an express checkout? LogMeOnce Secure Wallet enables you to store credit card(s) information and auto payments online.
Carrying your physical wallet with you? Well, with LogMeOnce Digital wallet your credit cards and payment information stay secure and encrypted – no matter where you go!
LogMeOnce Digital wallet is password protected requiring double-authentication to gain access to credit cards and other payment methods. You may store and use your debit card, credit card, passport, driver’s license or ID, insurance card and even member or loyalty cards. It’s safe, secure, effective and easy to use.
Additionally, you can securely backup your personal information, and also includes a note-taking feature to help you keep track of any information you may need to refer to in the future.


Secure Note

Securely store private information with LogmeOnce Secure Notes. It will be encrypted locally on your system. It’s like a password-protected digital notepad that you create, edit and can even color for easy distinction and search. And you may access it anywhere, anytime.
Securely save any data such as driver’s license info, credit card data, birth dates, passport numbers, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers.
LogmeOnce encrypts data locally on your computer with AES and the password that only you know.


Password Policy

What can you do? You need unlimited access to information, but you need security too! LogmeOnce makes it easy to create a security policy. Use the following template to establish “Security Best Practices” and protect your master password. Security is more than simply trying to protect passwords by a method of encryption. It’s a process validated by experience and security best practices. Click on each topic to read more about LogmeOnce differentiators:

  • How LogMeOnce Works
  • Why use LogMeOnce
  • How Secure is LogmeOnce?
  • Dangers of weak password

At the end, the fundamental question is: Are your Passwords Safe Without LogmeOnce? LogMeOnce gives you the power to be secure, no matter where you are, and whenever you need it.


Protect Across All Devices

Unlimited automatic sync across your devices and platforms
With LogMeOnce Unlimited Sync, we makes it easy to access your passwords and accounts from just about anywhere. This also includes passwords stored and shared. Best of all, LogMeOnce Sync protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Unlike other vendors, we do not have any limits!


Zero-Knowledge Technology

As a “zero-knowledge” technology company, LogmeOnce does not know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. You are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key — only you can decrypt your account. Other benefits of the LogmeOnce Zero-Knowledge Technology:

  • User Exclusive Access Rights
  • Browser Exclusive Password Access
  • Device Exclusive Access Rights


Password Beneficiary

Plan for an unforeseeable emergency and know that your digital assets are always protected.
With LogmeOnce, you can assign a beneficiary or provide heir access to multiple people. They will be able to log in, support, and maintain your digital assets. You determine when they get access. And LogmeOnce Passwords Beneficiary safeguards your assets against gaining premature entry. Plus, you can cancel anyone’s access anytime


Password Storage Options

And for even more peace of mind, “ONLY” LogmeOnce offers multiple options for storing your encrypted credentials. If you do not trust the cloud, then save your passwords in your own computer, and keep it with you. With LogmeOnce you have the freedom to save your data in the following places:

  • On your PC
  • In the secure cloud
  • On a secure USB
  • Amazon Cloud Service


Password Scorecard

Just how good are your passwords? LogmeOnce Security Scorecard tracks the password’s success factors in four ways: it’s essence, strength, daily usage and access activities.
Additionally, the report tells you exactly why your master password is (or isn’t) strong.


Emergency Access with Photo

Stuck in a bind? If you get caught in an emergency situation while away from your computer, you can ask a trusted friend to help you — and grant them immediate access.
With LogMeOnce’s unrivaled Emergency Access feature, you can see and verify the person’s photo, GPS location, and metadata before granting access. It’s easy for both of you — and safe. Since your access code is concealed, the trusted friend never has to know your master password.
How it works: You will receive the trusted party’s request on your mobile device along with their photo and where they’re located. If no webcam is available, you get a Visual OTP to validate the request. Click to approve, and they have access for up to 24 hours. You can revoke access at any time. LogMeOnce’s patented technology is intelligent and offers multiple ways to protect your credentials.

Popular LogMeOnce

Password Manager is
more advanced, secure
and easy to use.

Identity Theft does NOT come with airbags

The dark web marketplace is where your personally identifying information can end up for “sale” after it’s been stolen. Hackers may be stealing your credentials to use it for themselves or to sell it to others who have nefarious intentions.

Use the LogMeOnce FREE scanner to check if your information is exposed on the dark web. We show you clear steps how to rectify and clean up your tracks.

Fed up with exposed data, file & Images? Get Storage Encrypter.

Are you storing files, photos, and documents on favorite platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, or other storage sites? Those can be great, but you do NOT want to depend on any  one vendor.

LogMeOnce encrypts your files and photos in your favorite cloud locations. Automatically encrypt it all with your own password and AES key!

You can store passwords offline if you prefer

Since 2011, LogMeOnce has been the only company to offer both options. It’s your choice. Save your credentials in secure cloud storage or opt for local storage (offline) in your own computer. Either way, your passwords are encrypted in your own local machine.

  • Store in the secure cloud.
  • Store in your computer only.


Multiple Password Recovery Options

LogMeOnce provides multipurpose and intuitive password recovery options to help our end-users securely authenticate themselves back into their account. Additional security benefits are that our distinct password recovery options provide our account holders with context for how they should answer and receive a security response. Providing multiple account recovery options also helps with how specific each end-user want the answers to be.


Centralized Desktop Dashboard

With LogMeOnce take the fast lane to PasswordLess access. You no longer need to type in passwords. The LogMeOnce desktop edition has a new and streamlined look. From the dashboard, easily launch a feature by clicking on its icon. If you need to go back to where you started, simply click the “home” icon.
Important: You can customize your dashboard as you wish, with these top features: PasswordLess PhotoLogin + Mugshot + Secure Wallet + Secure Note + Password SHOCK© + 2FA + Beneficiary + Anti-theft + Device Management + Device Map + Productivity charts + And a lot more features…


Centralized Mobile Dashboard

LogMeOnce is the award-winning identity management platform. Led by a new generation of unrivaled features, the LogMeOnce mobile edition is turning heads all over the world.
LogMeOnce’s modern and streamlined mobile dashboard is an innovative gateway to all of our features from a centralized platform. Instant access with a tap of your finger.


Security, Custom-Made for You!

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” Imagine finding out the shirt you want comes in one size only. Good luck trying it on! Then why bother with password management vendors pushing proprietary packaged software? With LogMeOnce, you get exactly what YOU need. LogMeOnce is modular and customizable. Use it out of the box, or customize it to your liking.
Our award-winning password management suite is loaded with tons of features, and you can pick and choose what works for you or your team. It begins with your own “Productivity Home”—rearrange how you view our features just the way you want.



You know how frustrating it is when you cannot find your cherished phone, iPad, or notebook. You vow that you will never, ever misplace your phone in some strange place. But it happens.
LogMeOnce offers a full set of anti-theft features for the next time this happens to you. Whether you left your mobile device in a jacket hanging in the closet, let it slip between the seats of your couch or—worse—in the backseat of a cab, you can trace its whereabouts.
Thankfully, LogMeOnce offers plenty of ways to get a hold of your missing phone with the following Anti-Theft features:

  • Wipe: Delete all LogMeOnce data, if you know the device is stolen
  • Lock: Remotely lock your device by forcing a password
  • Ring: Get the phone to ring at top volume, for an easy find
  • Log out: Remotely log out of your device, and instantly protect your data.
  • Remote locate: Get its GPS location on a city map.
  • Direction: Plot your device’s location and get direction on a map.
  • Display message: On your phone, display a message and help finder to get your device back to you


LogMeOnce Mugshot

Snap your hacker’s photo! Find out who may be trying to break into your LogmeOnce account through your various devices. And detect break-ins to your Android. LogmeOnce Mugshot detects unauthorized and fake entries for fingerprints, Touch ID, passcodes, and passwords!
Get the data!
Mugshot is seamlessly integrated with LogmeOnce Password Manager. Find out who, where, when & how! Read More


Selfie-2FA (Additional Two-Factor Authentication)

Selfie-2FA is one of LogMeOnce newest Two-Factor Authentication methodologies.
The patent pending Selfie-2FA is superbly unique as an actual image, photo, or picture of an object is delivered for the 2nd factor of authentication. Unlike traditional 2FA products that use a “One Time Token” and string of digit for a 2nd factor, Selfie-2FA use of an authentic image greatly adds to processing of secure credentials.
Selfie-2FA also avoids disadvantage of traditional 2FA products which require user to carry a hardware token (dongle), which have the inconvenience of establishing token’s secure communication.
Another unique advantage of Selfie-2FA is that a user’s mobile device is tied to the authentication process. This greatly reduces the risk of bad elements gaining access to multiple credentials on computer (PC), user’s mobile device, authentication imagery, credentials for the mobile device itself.


Productivity Dock

LogMeOnce popular User Interface (UI) has been a great welcome from inception. We now add “Productivity Dock” based on your requests.
It‘s fun and easy to use. Productivity dock is engineered to take full advantage of feature-rich LogMeOnce, provides you quick access, and lets you launch your favorite apps with a click.
Scroll over with your mouse and each App and its label will magnify quickly for easier recognition. Click on your desired App (such as Mugshot, Scorecard, Beneficiary, etc.), and launch it!


Mobile Password Manager

The Premium edition of LogMeOnce is free. Whether you use it on one device, or on multiple devices at the same time, take it all with you. iPhone + iPad + Android + PC + Mac, protect your devices, passwords, and identity.
It’s all included & FREE. Choose the dashboard view you like and switch as often as you wish. And view it from anywhere. Browse with security and confidence, without leaving any traces behind.


Turn your USB into a 2FA Token

Grab that old USB sitting useless and collecting dust, and turn it to a Two-Factor Authentication hardware token!
We all have lots of extra USB sticks laying around the office, or in our desk drawer at home.
How would you like to add more security layers and protect yourself against intruders trying to hack into your account?
Just insert your USB of any storage size into your PC and let LogMeOnce convert it to a 2FA key. This will become your 2nd Authentication Factor and will be a great deterrence against hackers as they would need “both” your password and this particular USB stick (your 2FA) in their hands. That is the beauty of 2FA protection. Extra security. Welcome to LogMeOnce!


Smart Menu

Here’s a shortcut to all the features LogMeOnce offers you. Access the Smart Menu. Easy to navigate, Smart Menu leads the way once you click the icon of the feature you need!
LogMeOnce’s modern and streamlined Smart Menu is an innovative gateway to your data and credential protections.
Find what you’re looking for quick. Use the SmartMenu to locate the features in these categories:

  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Reports
  • General


Visual OTP

Do you enjoy an express checkout? LogMeOnce Secure Wallet enables you to store credit card(s) information and auto payments online. Carrying your physical wallet with you? Well, with LogMeOnce Digital wallet your credit cards and payment information stay secure and encrypted – no matter where you go!
LogMeOnce Digital wallet is password protected requiring double-authentication to gain access to credit cards and other payment methods. You may store and use your debit card, credit card, passport, driver’s license or ID, insurance card and even member or loyalty cards. It’s safe, secure, effective and easy to use. Additionally, you can securely backup your personal information, and also includes a note-taking feature to help you keep track of any information you may need to refer to in the future.



Avoid getting locked out! Don’t fear getting shut out of your own account. LogMeOnce Anti-Lock is our account safety system for users’ proper and secure access. Enforcing account security is critical, but avoiding lock-outs is equally important.
PasswordLess Access: Great benefits come with this feature. By pairing a mobile phone, you get PasswordLess access, which is far more secure than entering a lone password.
Duplicate Key! Once paired, your trusted mobile device will also grant access back to your account in case you get locked out of your PC for any reason.
Additional Benefits:

  • Anti-Lock is a preventive measure
  • Your mobile device works as an account recovery tool
  • Login to desktop accounts is approved via mobile device
  • You can pair/add as many mobile devices as you would like to your account. The more, the merrier.

Only LogMeOnce offers
multiple security layers for your 1FA, 2FA & MFA


Comprehensive First-Factor Authentication (1FA) offerings

How would you like to log in? LogMeOnce 1FA provides you with distinct options to authenticate. Its gorgeous interface displays numerous login options.
LogMeOnce Premium is free. Enjoy military-grade encryption technology. Install it on all of your devices. iPhone + iPad + Android + PC + Mac, protect your devices, passwords, and identity.


Comprehensive Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) offerings

2FA is a security method requiring two pieces of identification before granting access. We provide the richest selection of 2FA methods, and protect your credentials with two layers of defense:

  • Selfie 2FA
  • SMS Message
  • Voice Call
  • Email Message
  • Google Authenticator
  • USB Token
  • X.509 Certificate

Note: A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you via SMS, voice call or any other delivery methods you choose as part of 2FA. The password is only valid for 3 minutes and for one login session. OTP can only be used once.


Comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offerings

Only LogMeOnce MFA offers multiple options for choosing for your Multi Factor.
LogMeOnce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an intelligent “Objective Data” oriented technology that employs multiple security layers and with best practice as part of enhancing user’s security posture. Following shows such three layers;

  1.  Photo of an individual, or object
  2.  Trusted mobile device
  3.  Biometrics to login to mobile

Traditional products require a password for login. LogMeOnce is Passwordless and uses a photo or an image instead. And we add extra layer of protection on top of the photo. Additional layers could be a user’s mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android), and then use of fingerprint biometrics or a PIN to access that trusted mobile device.
Bundled together, these multiple factors provide increased security posture for your account. LogMeOnce MFA is free and there is no charge. Protect yourself!



Got a report of a lost or stolen device? No worries. Simply send a Kill-Pill, and you can instantly wipe off any LogMeOnce data stored on it. Access to the LogMeOnce account on the remote device will be denied.
Kill-Pill or Remote Device Wipe is LogMeOnce’s latest security offering for consumers, businesses and enterprise end-users who need to locate a mobile device. You can first remotely command the device to chime so you can find it. Then, if confirmed the device is truly lost (and perhaps even stolen), you can send a Kill-Pill to wipe out the user’s LogMeOnce security credentials and associated data on the device.


Router & Appliance Passwords

How do you remember your router or firewall password? Where do you keep it?
You need a password to protect your gateways, to stop anyone from hopping on your network. A firewall and and a complex passwords on your server are designed to prevent inbound attacks, enabling you to dispatch files and data as you wish.
But how do you fully protect such important appliances, and their passwords? How can you remember their credentials and change them regularly enough to be secure?
We have made it easy for you, by adding support for users to manage access credentials for routers, workstations, servers and databases from one platform. The power is all yours!


Automatic Password Changer

Even if hackers could gain access to an encrypted password, it would take at least 40 days for them to crack, by bruteforce, an 8 character password. Longer passwords would take longer. Changing your passwords every 30 days would render any bruteforced password useless.
But who has the time to change individual passwords every month!? The LogmeOnce Auto Password Changer saves users the 283 minutes (on average) it would take them to manually change 100 passwords.
Time is money!


Application Catalogue

LogMeOnce password manager notice when you log in to a secure site and offer to save the credentials you entered. Additionally, LogMeOnce offers a rich, comprehensive and easy to select application catalogue.
“LogMeOnce can totally capture your logins, but it also offers another way to add apps. You can select from a list of over 4,500 supported websites and simply type in your username and password. The benefit of using this technique is that LogMeOnce knows exactly how to log in to each of these supported sites, so you won’t have trouble with those that use non-standard login pages.” Excerpt from PC Magazine review.


Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometrics provides an added level of security and convenience — not even snoopers can see your password! That’s why Touch ID for iPhone/iPad and Fingerprint for Android devices are supported by LogmeOnce. LogmeOnce takes this concept to a whole new level by enabling you to create your own Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Choose one of these distinct features:

  • Fingerprint
  • Fingerprint + Password


Secure & Private Browsing

Are you being followed? We all are. Visit just 50 websites and 3,000 tracking files will be installed on your computer (source: Wall Street Journal).
Shake off the followers and browse with security and confidence, without leaving any traces behind. Here are just a few benefits of LogmeOnce Secure & Private Browsing:

  • Avoid being followed
  • Protect your online privacy
  • Browse online with privacy and security


Secure Backup

Get peace of mind with automatic backups.
With LogmeOnce data protection, you always have a backup, no matter what happens. Your backup data is automatically encrypted before it is saved and remains encrypted. This is your data for your eyes only. Even better, your backup is always ready to restore.


Secure Restore – Forgotten Passwords!

The benefits of disaster recovery are peace of mind and invaluable relief if it’s ever needed. With LogmeOnce you can restore your backed up passwords at any time and at any location with a simple press of a retrieval button. LogmeOnce’s backup & restore services are:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic
  • Affordable
  • Quickly implemented
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere


Weather Forecast

Benefits to Society – The potential economic benefits of more accurate weather forecasts are immense. For example, Better information on wind patterns could aid the National Hurricane Center in producing a more accurate forecast of a hurricane’s track and might enable a reasoned decision to be made regarding evacuating thousands of families out of Miami or Jacksonville. (Source: NASA).
Benefits to our End-users – Use the LogMeOnce weather forecast to save yourself time. It’s convenient, and value is in the immediate benefit that you can protect yourself and the loved ones, plan ahead and get back to your normal daily activities ahead or after a single storm, snow, or heat wave.


Live Password Tracker

This important and powerful report measures the health of your passwords. It takes two weeks to collect data and build a baseline for reporting.
Just like variations on a heart monitor, the Live Password Tracker reflects the low points (weak passwords) and high points (strong passwords) of your various logins.
The solid blue line shows your overall password strength every day. If you use the product correctly, that line should always go up until it becomes horizontal. Solid red lines show the days that you used LogMeOnce to authenticate your identity (reflecting best practice!).
Dotted red lines shows the days that you did NOT use LogMeOnce’s security and protection. A non-dedicated user would see lots of dotted lines – a reminder to steady his login activity.


Productivity, Reporting, Audit & Compliance

LogmeOnce scores the highest in detailed Security Reports. A big plus is that users can improve password hygiene in multiple ways, such as by generating a report that flags weak and duplicate passwords, and offers solutions to fix them. A sample of additional reports:

  • Real-time Productivity Chart
  • Dynamic Charts & Reports
  • Predefined Charts
  • Top 10 Apps Usage Report
  • Cloud Usage Report
  • Browser Usage Report
  • Top 10 IP Usage Report


LogMeOnce Products Tree

The possibilities are extensive. Check out the LogmeOnce product Tree.
What’s the number-one way to get reliable security? Build in multiple layers of defense. That way when one fails, the next layer kicks in to protect you.
You have the option of bundling various layers from various vendors or getting one seamless solution. The LogmeOnce integrated security suite combines multiple products to form your seamless defensive layer, giving you one point of contact and one tight overall solution. We have done the heavy lifting for you. With LogmeOnce’s suite, you can:

  • Avoid compatibility issues
  • Access new features sooner
  • Save time by working with one vendor
  • Streamline customer service needs
  • Gain the full effect of your security tools
  • Secure your assets with ease


Personalized to Your Taste

Choose among 11 dashboard views.
With LogmeOnce, you don’t have to conform to us — LogMeOnce Password manager gives you options for views and forms that work for you. We make the process of using and managing your passwords simple, friendly and useful. It’s personalized to your taste.
We make it a joy to securely log in to your accounts. Personalize your LogmeOnce, choose the dashboard view you like and switch as often as you wish. And view it from anywhere.


The best in class & Comprehensive Activity Report

The Activity Report displays a log of LogMeOnce application activities, system events, failed or successful logins, messages, and warnings. Review activities by the following three categories:
All events contains individual filters for: Login, Logout, Login Failed, SMS, Password Changed, Device Unlock Failed, and Note Created.
All client contains individual filters for browsers and operating systems: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, secure USB, Android, and iOS.
Date created contains individual filters for: anytime, past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, past year, and a custom range.


BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

LogMeOnce BYOD allows employees to use their personal mobile devices to access an organization’s protected business vaults. LogMeOnce BYOD lets you create two distinct “encrypted” vaults. A personal vault to keep your personal LogMeOnce data and business vault can be generated by Admin.
Personal use: You have a personal vault. If you decide to erase your own vault, you can send a Kill-Pill, but you cannot touch the business data. Only Admin delete business vault.
Important: Admin never has access to your personal vault, so your personal data is yours. Business use: You will have a business vault. And Admin can erase business data, if the employee leaves the company, or becomes disgruntled.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Do you wish to remotely find, lock, unlock, pair and unpair your device? Do you know, what is the state of security and password on your devices?
LogMeOnce provides a unified dashboard that displays a user’s entire device.
Enforcing devices security for you or your family is critical to build a real security perimeter. You are able to detect compromised devices which is another practical security enabler. With simplified passcode reset you can lock from anywhere, and manage your devices at every stage.
LogMeOnce “Device Management” collects pertinent information that will be used to establish security posture and includes; CPU, Device Identifiers, Display, General Information, Network, and Software. One simple dashboard view to see all of your devices of different OS in one screen.


Sheduled Login

To develop this feature, LogMeOnce tapped social science theories on unpredictability. In daily life, the theory goes, emotional inconsistency and unpredictability make people feel less control over outcomes. The people who create such unpredictably have the advantage—emotional inconsistency means their opposing party cannot predict behavior. With unPredictable access time©, you have the advantage by being unpredictable. Simply put, you make yourself a moving target—and your accounts more difficult to access.


Account Freeze

You can freeze access to your account for as long as you wish. If you ever get the sense that there’s suspicious activity in your digital life—while traveling, using public WiFi, or out and about—and wish to prevent anyone (hackers too) from gaining access to your account, you can freeze access to your LogMeOnce account from any device. Simply select for how long!


Password SHOCK

Password SHOCK sends automated responses to the intruder’s device(s) with proper warnings!
Let hackers know you’re serious about your passwords and security. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, they’ll get a warning. If they somehow came by your information in error, they’ll shirk away. And lay low. But if not — they are fair game. Give unauthorized intruders a SHOCK© and they won’t bother you again. And, you don’t have to do anything. Automated responses will go out to the intruder’s device(s) with proper warnings!
See the Password SHOCK demo on what an intruder attempting to access your LogMeOnce account will see on their device.


Security Summary

LogMeOnce takes a proactive approach to protecting your credentials and keeping hackers away. It’s more cost efficient and effective when you tackle potential problems head on. LogMeOnce Security Summary is a daily snapshot of your last seven days of activities. This includes how many times you have used Single Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and how man successful or failed logins you (or a hacker) might have encountered during a day.


Daily Journal

How is your security posture? LogMeOnce Daily Journal is your daily security statement.
Similar to a laboratory test result, it’s a perfect way to gauge your defenses, and set the stage for what should be an ideal security posture. And yet, LogMeOnce offers you far more benefits:

  1. Achieve greater security
  2. Be productive, and save time
  3. Get vital security details, and more details

Stand strong with the best security posture.


Identity Risk Scorecard

Protecting your identity is easier than you probably think. LogMeOnce gives you the tools to see how your security setup fairs by  using everyday grading standards. Your Identity Risk Scorecard includes:

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Leaked Credentials
  • Hybrid Identity Score
  • Overall Password Strength
  • Password Policy
  • Unprotected Login Warnings
  • Master Password Strength

Find out if your credentials have been compromised in data breaches.


Profile Photo,
The Atlas of Features

Click on your profile photo to access important information about your current session.
This includes a time stamp and how long you’ve been logged in. For your awareness and added security, we also display your “idle” time, to show how long this session has been unattended. This serves as a helpful reminder if you regularly walk away from your computer without logging off that should minimize that “unattended access” window as much as possible.
You can also change the language here and set up the Auto-Logout feature. This makes it so your session will not be accessible after a set time. Other data includes your IP address and total number of apps.


Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor dark web risks affecting your account. Receive notifications if your identity information is exposed and found online on the dark web.
The dark web is where your personally identifying information can end up after it’s been stolen. Hackers may be stealing your credentials to use it for themselves or to sell it to others who have nefarious intentions.
Use the LogMeOnce scanner to check if your information is exposed on the dark web. We show you clear steps how to rectify and clean up your tracks.

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite premium is completely free, and it outperforms many of its for-pay competitors.”

LogMeOnce is a strange but delightful gem. Strange because many of the features that its rivals offer at a price, it gives away for free. And that’s not just for the fingerprint scanner integration either. Unlimited sync? Check. Two-factor authentication? Check.”


Enjoy LogMeOnce. Protect your Password


Why you need multiple security layers

Look out for vendors that offer only the minimum (a lone password manager…). LogMeOnce does not hold back—since the 1990s, we have developed globally recognized security and encryption products offering thorough protection. You need multiple security layers.

LogMeOnce Unrivaled Differentiators

Stack up on a sweet set of security features from LogMeOnce

Other password managers

—when everyone else offers just one (ineffective) way to protect you.

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PasswordLess PhotoLogin
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Personal USB, 2FA Token
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Comprehensive 1FA, 2FA, and MFA offerings
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Productivity Dock
Security,Custom-Made for You!
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