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Advisory Council

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Advisory Council

LogmeOnce’s culture is rich with ideas inspired from principal advisors and team members. LogmeOnce Advisory Council has brought together thought leaders from the security industry to guide its decisions and strategic vision as the world approaches a user-friendly Single Sign-On (SSO) with Secure Identity Management (IdM). Our executive team has surrounded itself with the best industry talents in an assortment of disciplines. This enables LogmeOnce to serve you effectively by finding wholistic solutions to the problems you face today. LogmeOnce’s advisory council is as follows:

Vic Winkler

Published Author, “Securing the Cloud” CTO & Head of Product and Engineering, Covata USA Vic Winkler has over 30 years leadership experience in Information Security (INFOSEC), Cyber and Cloud Security, Cloud Computing, systems and applications development, IT operations, testing, and management. Vic is a technologist who conceives and manages product and engineering teams in addition to developing business and marketing strategies. He has written and presented numerous conference papers and other technical and marketing materials. He represented Covata USA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sun Microsystems and PRC Inc as a speaker and panelist at conferences and events. Vic has developed deep and broad expertise with leading edge technologies. He has conceived and built systems that solved critical needs in US National Security spaces as well as commercial Internet facing infrastructure. In his career, he assembled and managed extraordinary teams of researchers, engineers, and developers. He has concurrently managed multiple projects/contracts, in all aspects including technical and staff. He has managed engineering budgets in excess of several million dollars (and never needed a bailout). He is a published researcher in INFOSEC and a trail-blazing expert in intrusion/anomaly detection in complex systems, including in cyber/cloud and utility computing.

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