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LogMeOnce Password Manager (Passwordless since 2011)

Welcome to Passwordless QR Login

QR Login: Simply scan the QR code on your monitor using your mobile device—and you’re in. Fresh QR codes are dynamically generated every 60 seconds. It’s secure, frictionless and user-friendly. It’s passwordless!

How Password Become Such a Mess…

Access, login, passwords remain a hassle, despite years of effort and massive investments by very large tech companies. Now, LogMeOnce is offering a truly effective solution to this vexing problem.

Furthermore, passwords have always created a source of friction for users when they attempt to authenticate their identity—and as a result they have become a headache for the security teams having to navigate requests, complaints, and ever-changing processes.

Avoid Crawling Over Access Bottlenecks

  • Access and login pages are bottlenecks.
  • Hackers start from here with simple poking.
  • Staff become lazy with typing passwords, compromise security policy.
  • Login headaches create friction, bottlenecks, and cause users to resort to compromising short cuts
  • Employees either spend too much time logging in each year, time that could be better spent elsewhere,or they use shortcuts or bypass security best practices.
  • Shortcuts like staying logged in or choosing memorable passwords results in more than one way for an organization to lose money.

Millions Interact With Login Pages...

This is one of the most expensive parts of the authentication process. It causes privileged & non-privileged users to resort to short cuts trying to avoid strong passwords. Even privileged users are not exempt with many horrible stories and side effects we are all familiar with. It’s the most vulnerable source for hackers to test (poke) their way into hacking any organization. It’s the cause of costly support tickets pilled up every Monday “can’t log in to start my week”. Companies are spending $Millions on purchasing additional hardware tokens to strengthen their login page. Yet, there are more challenges.

Make Your Logins More Secure with “QR Login”

LogMeOnce patented “QR Login” technology offers you numerous advantages;

  • Its Strong.
  • Its Secure.
  • Its Frictionless
  • Its User friendly. 
  • Its Simply a Joy!
  • Its Creates Productivity.
  • Make every login count…

QR Login: Simply scan the QR code on your monitor using your mobile device—and you’re in. Fresh QR codes are dynamically generated every 60 seconds. It’s secure, frictionless and user-friendly. It’s passwordless!

No more, Master Password

Stop using master passwords. Aren’t you tired of password management vendors who are still asking you to use & enter a master password?

Only LogMeOnce’s platform is embedded with multiple patented login options, and all are passwordless.

Go with LogMeOnce Passwordless Password manager. Protect your digital life with best security platform at LogMeOnce.

“You” Have The Power to Define “Conditional” Access Rules

LogMeOnce delivers multiple patented passwordless authentication methods, including a QR Code Login.

We’ve made it even easier. LogMeOnce enables instant login with a secure QR code. Simply scan the code on your monitor using your mobile device—and you’re in.

Fresh QR codes are dynamically generated every 60 seconds or whenever a user wishes to log in. The LogMeOnce passwordless QR login is a more secure way of logging in, frictionless and user-friendly.

LogMeOnce’s platform is the only one embedded with multiple patented security products to protect passwords, identity theft and cloud storage.

LogMeOnce Distinctions Benefits Everyone

What throttled LogMeOnce to such technology distinctions in the market is fundamental to what Gartner said about (our prior company) and the way we build security products. At LogMeOnce we created a number of patentable distinctions. Conversely, the majority of password management vendors have been stuck in developing a rudimentary Password Manager product. For example, at LogMeOnce, we were essentially pioneers in the passwordless authentication and login back in 2011. This is one additional area that LogMeOnce differentiated itself from all vendors in our space. LogMeOnce provides customizable login options for 1FA, 2FA, and MFA, which are user selectable. LogMeOnce security technology is great for users and organization.

Interested parties, please see OEM licensing. Published legal cases demonstrate significant legal wins for the LogMeOnce management team and bolster their patent portfolio. The team fought vigorously for, and won, punitive damages and public exposure for culprits that tried to infringe on their intellectual property.

Following questions were posted on media sites;



Would QR login make it easier and save time, and how does it actually protect me?


QR Login is much faster, making it smooth to authenticate, and it is SECURE;

1. Because you don’t type any passwords and avoiding keyloggers

2. It is not based on push notification and eliminates vulnerabilities associated with push notification

3. Authentication is user initiated so user moves the QR scanner towards a QR code, and not initiated by a hacker

4. It includes “automatic” multifactor authentication (MFA) which they usually take 1-3 minutes. QR login is few seconds.



If they can access/control my phone through a hacked QR code and I am connected to the same WiFi as my computer, can I or anyone else on that network be hacked?  


No, your theory will be blocked by LogMeOnce security engine, and such a scenario or attempt is not possible. LogMeOnce has deviced multiple security layers to thwart such generic attempts, (or even advanced threats). Here is how it works: A “fresh” QR code is “dynamically” generated every 60 seconds, or whenever a user wishes to login. All QR codes are digitally signed and multiple tamper proof security measures have already been in place (so bad actors cannot replace the QR or scanner device). The QR scan can only be read from an authorized and trusted device (already approved by LogMeOnce as a MDM), thus it is not possible to do this from an unknown or unauthorized device. Furthermore, your example, and numerous kinds of scenarios have been shielded against. Additionally, other than QR Login, you can also use LogMeOnce patented passwordless “Selfie Photo” Login.



What happens when my phone is lost, stolen or has a dead battery?


There are more protections after the QR code is scanned (read). It will do additional facial or fingerprint validation based on your mobile phone device model. Furthermore, if the device is lost or stolen, a bad actor has to first login to your device, then enter password, and then again go through LogMeOnce authentication and biometric validation. Finally, you have the controls on your side. You can always wipe your lost/stolen device and disable it remotely with LogMeOnce’s unique “Kill Pill” feature.



I am a security engineer. Where do I get additional information and a white paper?  


Please see below;
For passwordless MFA options: Click here
For passwordless selfie Photo Login: Click here
For Zero Trust: Click here
For Scheduled Login: Click here
For White Paper: Please contact LogMeOnce Sales :


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