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LogMeOnce Password Manager
Login with confidence. Protect your passwords and accounts with LogMeOnce rich features. No more master password with LogMeOnce! Go PasswordLess and access your account using your trusted mobile device. Only LogMeOnce offers a variety of login options with automatic 2FA.
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Identity Theft Protection
Scan Dark Web for stolen passwords. Stop hackers from attacking your online activity. Collect hacker’s metadata! With LogMeOnce, you have extra measures to protect yourself. Automatically monitor the dark web to ensure your credentials are not stolen, plus use our tools to prevent account takeovers.
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Cloud Storage Encrypter
Encrypt files, images, and documents stored on your favorite cloud storage sites with your own password! What happens if your cloud storage gets hacked? With LogMeOnce, your cloud files in Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are encrypted in real time from end-to-end using AES 256-bit Encryption.
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