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Since 1995 we have invented award-winning security products.

LogMeOnce Password Manager (Passwordless since 2011)

“Passwords are terrible. We all hate them. But we’re stuck with them until something better comes along. Still, it seems like adding insult to injury when the first thing a password manager does is ask you to create and remember…a master password! The developers at LogMeOnce feel your pain. If you have a smartphone or mobile device available, LogMeOnce Password Management Suite is perfectly happy without a master password. This free password manager rivals in its broad feature set, and offers more features than most of its for-pay competitors.“  Quote by PC Magazine in 2016

If you can scan a QR code, then you can be Passwordless
Passwords are not safe. Aren’t you tired of still entering a master password? Simply scan the QR code on your monitor using your mobile device—and you’re in. Fresh QR codes are dynamically generated every 60 seconds. It’s more secure, frictionless and user-friendly. It’s passwordless! QR login is a LogMeOnce patented technology. Read more.
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If you can take a selfie photo, then you can be Passwordless
Stop using passwords. Simply pose for a photo and take a selfie from your computer. LogMeOnce will send the photo it takes to your (trusted) mobile device. You get to approve yourself and say “Yay” or Nay”. Not servers or robots. Each photo (password) is unique. You are now passwordless! Selfie photo login is a LogMeOnce patented technology. Read more.
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Powerful security for your online world, with convenience

Whether you need to make managing your passwords a no-brainer, or share files securely with your team members, or keep hackers out of your life, we can make it a breeze to be secure. Get all 3 for total online protection!

1 platform. 3 products to choose from

Do you think you might
forget your master password?

No more master password with LogMeOnce! Go PasswordLess and access your account using your trusted mobile device. Only LogMeOnce offers a variety of login options with automatic 2FA.

Worried about hackers stealing
your passwords?

With LogMeOnce, you have extra measures to protect yourself. Automatically monitor the dark web to ensure your credentials are not stolen, plus   use our tools to prevent account takeovers.

Why not protect your files
stored in the cloud, too?

What happens if your cloud storage gets hacked? With LogMeOnce, your cloud files in Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are encrypted in real time from end-to-end using AES 256-bit Encryption.

Donald C. Kudler

I have many passwords to track for myself, my law firm, and businesses I am involved in. I like LogMeOnce ability to separate these out so I can work through one entity or one process at a time.

Donald C. Kudler

Attorney at Law, Esq.

Mike McArthur

I have been looking for an answer for a password management system that would fit my needs, my employees’ needs, and my customers’ needs. Finding LogMeOnce was truly serendipity for me.

Mike McArthur, VP,

Diamond Warranty Corp

Warwick Drakeford

I am even more excited about the LogMeOnce appliance. I need help with myriad of passwords, usernames, etc. Keeping these straight will make the internet an easier tool than it is right now.

Warwick Drakeford

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“Not a day without it”

Great product! I recommend it to everyone I come across
 who complains about password management.

MICHAEL B., Senior Systems Engineer,
Computer & Network Security,

No credit cards required.
No credit cards required.

Top benefits that matters most to you

Convenient auto-login and 
automatic password generator
when you need
Share passwords and files
securely with people you
trust and select
Flexible two-factor
authentication to save your
passwords, files, and other info
No credit cards required.
No credit cards required.

Get ultimate security
for your passwords with
the Identity Risk Scorecard

Your password security may be a failed “F” grade. 100% Improve your password security and achieve “A+” grade.

Password Management

Use LogMeOnce without needing to remember a
master password!

LogMeOnce Launches
Encrypted Password Manager
LogMeOnce Creates and Stores Clever Passwords
This program lets you snap a photo of whoever’s trying to hack you
Strike back against hackers
by pestering them to no end
LogMeOnce Adds Kill-Pill
Technology to Authentication

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“The (educational) information delivered to end users needs to be simple and 

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Man loses USB flash drive with data
on entire city’s residents after night out

Source: CNN.com

News origin:
“Tokyo (CNN) Drinks after work probably seemed like a good idea — but for one worker in Japan the hangover is likely to last for some time. The unnamed worker lost a USB flash drive containing the personal details of every resident of the city of Amagasaki, northwest of Osaka, after going for drinks this week, according to a statement Thursday from the city’s government. The data included the names, birth dates, and addresses of 465,177 people, the statement said — the city’s entire population. The flash drive also contained sensitive information including tax details, bank account names and numbers, and information on households receiving public assistance such as childcare payments.” Source: CNN.com

Dangers of losing data.

Avoid it all with LogMeOnce on-the-fly encryption

Pain/problem: Protecting data has always been a problem and need to be protected both by encryption as well as by access control. But similarly, passwords have always created a source of friction for users when they attempt to authenticate—and as a result they have become a headache for all of us. Additional problems are;
  • Data on a USB is prone to loss or theft
  • Data in the cloud is similarly vulnerable
  • Passwords are difficult to manage
  • Data or passwords get leaked, ending up in the dark web
Solution Today’s security is no longer just about data or password protection and management. We need to focus on protecting the whole. The LogMeOnce “Passwordless” solution effectively solves this problem while combining it with additional authentication factors. Whether you have data on a USB, stored with any cloud service providers, or data associated with your digital life, LogMeOnce provides multiple options to avoid such disasters. One of our options is encrypting data. Read more on how easily you could avoid such nightmare.