Wishing to ditch your password manager?

LogMeOnce will credit you for any remaining time on your current bill. See the comparison table...

For CPAs & Accounting Firms:


How to save at least $32,055 on

password related costs in minutes. Annually!

Why Password Protection Should be a Top Priority for CPAs & Accountants

Financial services organizations are among the biggest targets for hackers, and it’s easy to see why. As keepers of sensitive
personal and financial information, CPA firm databases are enticing treasure troves for tech-savvy hackers.See IBM Report;

Breakdown of malicious data breach root cause by threat vector

Data breach cost for a “single” incident – Top 5 industries

Start protecting your team & clients

Password Management


Looking for cybersecurity protection?
See how we can help your team gain security confidence, develop an interest in security best practices, and become protectors of your company reputation and clients. LogMeOnce’s patented security platform and password management products make it happen.

Since 1995 we have invented award-winning security products.

LogMeOnce Launches
Encrypted Password Manager

LogMeOnce Creates and Stores
Clever Passwords

This program lets you snap a photo of
whoever’s trying to hack you

LogMeOnce Adds Kill-Pill
Technology to Authentication

Strike back against hackers
by pestering them to no end

Our Promise:

Increase your passwords strength by up to 90% in 1 hour.

Increase your clients’ passwords security by up to 90% in 1 day.

Without LogMeOnce

With LogMeOnce

Start protecting your team & clients

Password ROI Calculator - Find out Your Loss or Savings

Save at least $153,593 on password related costs in minutes. Annually!

Every year your business is losing a lot of valuable money due to passwords. First add considerable loss due to “forgot password” effect every Monday employees face. Add to it tech support calls because they can not access their company accounts. Now add up their lost productivity. Don’t forget the cost it is incurred on tech support staff and what it takes from your IT team as well. Now, you may add financial damages due to a hack attacks, passwords and user credentials leaked on the dark web, and damages to your good name and brand. Add up your numbers and see how much you can save with LogMeOnce in addition to protecting your passwords company-wide;

Your Business Loss

Number of Employees


Number of passwords used per employee, per day


Employee/Helpdesk hourly rate


Number of passwords per employee (industry average)


Number of Helpdesk calls per employee, per year

Wish to fix other worries ?

Add Dark Web Monitoring Cost (Manual Monitoring Without LogMeOnce)

Add Data Breach Cost (Source: IBM Security Report 2020 cost per incident)

Show Advanced Options


Your Business Loss Without LogMeOnce


LogMeOnce Enterprise Edition Investment


Annual Savings Created by LogMeOnce

Your Whopping ROI Created by LogMeOnce

Start protecting your team & clients

Our Promise:

We help accounting firms go from $0 to $32,055 savings in 1 day by using easy-to-use software and helping to prevent future hack attacks.

Start protecting your team & clients

Our Promise:

Powered by AI, LogMeOnce helps you gain vital security improvements in “Identity Risk Scorecard” and go from F to A+ in minutes.

Without LogMeOnce:

Your password security may be a failed “F” grade.
Continuing unchanged, your way of managing passwords could be leaving your accounts and the information you handle completely vulnerable. The same old habits and the same old weak passwords leave you open to attack. A failing grade suggests you aren’t going to change you ways—and that is seriously dangerous for your security and the protection of your digital identity. Know your password score!

With LogMeOnce:

100% Improve your password security and achieve “A+” grade.
Whether you have an average password grade or even an “F,” LogMeOnce will quickly help you improve your password security. LogMeOnce Dashboard provides tips and prioritizes which passwords to fix first. See the three weakest passwords and why they’re scoring so poorly. As soon as you make improvements, watch your score go up. Achieve progress with the help of LogMeOnce’s automated self-service—before you know it, you’ll achieve an A+.

Start protecting your team & clients

Our Promise:

LogMeOnce saves you millions of $$$ in data breach damages
(Source: IBM Security Report)

IBM Security Report:

  • $3.9 million global cost of one breach
  • $8.2 million USA cost of one data breach
  • 279 days is the average time to identify and fix one data breach
  • 67% of breach costs occurs in the first year

Calculate your cost of password damage

Or savings created by LogMeOnce…

Protect your company’s passwords + Get more clients + Make recurring revenue

And help your clients bolster their password security

The LogMeOnce ROI Calculator helps CPAs and accounting firms see how they can earn financial gains by quickly
bolstering security skills in their fight against being the targets of cyberattacks. It’s a win-win when you’re able to
retain the trust of existing clients and consistently bring on new clients that need password management.

Clients:  10       Number of licenses:   500      Your margin: 40% to 70%

1st year:  $32,055     Recurring revenue
2nd year:  $52,068  
Recurring revenue
3rd  year:  Use LogMeOnce ROI Calculator, and
add up users/products to see your new revenue.

1st Year Revenue: License Sale + Your Services

Verified Reviews by

“LogMeOnce is a great product.”
Elkin O., Consultant
Information Technology and Services


LastPass for Business


I love that it is easy to use and secure, makes life easier by being able to organize all of your logins. Great product, highly recommended.

“One of the best password managers out there!”
Raul S., Senior Computer Repair Technician
Primary/Secondary Education, 501-1000 employees


Headaches and lost time trying to remember passwords or reset them when I can’t remember to save my life.


The user friendly interface, ability to create groups of passwords, password generation, and the multi device integration. Love being able to use it on multiple devices. Saves me from a lot of headaches and lost time.

“Really good and far more secure than my old system.”
Higher Education, 1,001-5,000 employees


LastPass lost some of my passwords, and I could never recover those accounts. LastPass is crap.


Really good and far more secure than my old system. Easy … to store a password and to open pages with passwords already stored.

“Not a day without it.”
MICHAEL B., Senior Systems Engineer
Computer & Network Security


Symantec Endpoint Protection


Great product! I recommend it to everyone I come across who complains about password management. The software is very easy to use, and yet very secure and encourages good security practices, even for persons who do not know security principles.

More Verified Reviews by

“LogMeOnce is a true password keeper”

This service and software is very easy to use. We never had any problems. It reminds you once in a while that you have to change the main password. We really recommend this service to anyone who is serious at keeping the passwords safely.

Mario G., Owner, Accounting Firm

“Not a day without it”
Great product! I recommend it to everyone I come across who complains about password management. The software is very easy to use, and yet very secure and encourages good security practices, even for persons who do not know security principles
MICHAEL B., Senior Systems Engineer,
Computer & Network Security,

“Great software!”
I have hundreds of logins and passwords and it’s impossible to memorize them all. Log Me Once saves me time in accessing these in a secure environment. It is very easy to use and speeds up my logins. It also seems very secure. I also like that it is available on my PC and my phone so I can see my passwords anywhere.
Dave S., CFO,  Building Materials, 201-500 employees

“Great solution with powerful features.”
Really love the way there is no reliance on a desktop file. Makes it really easy to transition to a new device when old one fails or upgrade is needed. The multi-step form login is probably one of my favorite features. Minimizes mouse clicks as I just sit back and logs me in through multiple pages without having to lift a finger. I have a long list of login credentials and I really like the way Logmeonce presents on screen without having to prompt it, allows for a simple scroll and click to access any login with minimal effort. I’ve experienced less bugs with this password manager than I experienced with Dashlane and Lastpass in the past.
Toby W., Director, Education Management

“LogMeOnce is a lifesaver!”
The fact that I can save all my passwords is fantastic I trust the security of the product.
Laurie M.,  Small Business Owner,

“Simple and effective”
The possibility to synchronize my devices. 2 Laptops and 1 smartphone.
Fabio W., Development Manager,

Start protecting your team & clients

So, Who Is This For?

CPAs and accounting firms that want
their team members and clients to
have secure passwords.

Pay attention if you:

  • Worry about keeping hackers away from your firm and clients.
  • Constantly have to remind clients and employees to address weak passwords.
  • Fear internal control weaknesses around passwords and credentials.
  • Lose track of who possesses and accesses your passwords and those of your clients.
  • Want to increase your employee productivity and reduce cybersecurity risk.
  • Struggle with getting the correct passwords from your clients to do your work.
  • Use spreadsheets or notepads to store client passwords (a really bad idea!).
  • Need to reduce your compliance risk for meeting IRS, SEC, SOX standards.
  • Hope to improve employee productivity by 90%.
  • Would love to save $2,400 per employee per year.
  • Live in fear about leaked passwords and the dark web.
  • Spend big dollars on password protection and have seen no results.
  • Want to build cybersecurity confidence within your firm and gain the trust of your employees and clients.

Start protecting your team & clients

Here Is the Truth

Sure, you can achieve some password protection with some of those other vendors. They may get you to move away from storing your passwords on a sticky note or Excel sheet, but… 

The truth is encryption is relatively new to some security vendors (their first rodeo!). They’re not equipped with the skills and experience to develop the kind of security products that keep up with today’s needs. The difference with LogMeOnce: Our first security patents date back to 1990s—we know what works.

We are the best experts to solve the nagging password problem for you.

Consider this analogy:
If you needed cataract surgery, would you consult with an ophthalmologist or optometrist? Similarly, your security vendor must have proper and related education, knowledge, and experience to serve you. In the past 30 years, the LogMeOnce management team has developed over 15 sets of enterprise class security products serving local, state, federal, and global customers. With LogMeOnce experts, you can gain complete confidence. Just like you can’t risk a failed cataract surgery with the wrong doctor, you can’t risk getting hacked because you chose the right cybersecurity partner!
Keep in mind, some vendors treat encryption like a commodity. They’re not going to be focused on your unique security needs. You’ll just be a number to them. Understanding the deep challenges of security and encryption takes years of experience. You need experts like the LogMeOnce team—so that it gets done right, the first time!

Start protecting your team & clients


Security Partners – McAfee:

Security Partners – Amazon AWS Compliance:


CPAs’ Client Management Portal

Simplify your tasks by accessing our client portal with centralized dashboard.
Accessing client accounts’ many passwords is made easy. Now, you can
gather their security metrics and easily view all of your clients in one
up-to-date page, and help them to improve their security and passwords as well.


1.   Huge margins
2.   Extremely attractive pricing
3.   Award-wining platform with rich features
4.   Centralized client management
5.   Centralized user management (internal staff)
6.   Greater visibility of all accounts
7.   Easy to navigate
8.   Quick onboarding of new clients
9.   Ease of configurations management
10. Multi tenancy
11.  Avoid tedious manual work
12.  Save time and money


Military-grade Password Protection for VARs, MSPs and their clients

We help you & your clients increase passwords security by up to 90% in 60 minutes.
MSPs and their clients’ databases are tantalizing goldmines for hackers. it’s easy to see why. As
keepers of sensitive clients’ passwords and data, MSPs are enticing treasure troves for hackers.

Supercharge Your Security:

The Right Way to Structure Security for Your Company and Your Clients

Make your team 10x more productive, minimize your compliance risk, and operate more efficiently by centrally managing business passwords.

With LogMeOnce, you can securely give the right individuals (employees, customers & partners) the right access (to apps, devices and critical business information) at the right time.


LogMeOnce scalable platform reduces costs, increases productivity and efficiency, all while securing your IT environment. The rich features of LogMeOnce and powerful Audit Trail reporting empower the organization to focus on what matters — growth.

Start protecting your team & clients

Speed Up Login Times With Single Sign-On (SSO) and Save 100s of Hours of Productivity.

With a single click, access all your passwords on the LogMeOnce dashboard and secure authentication for third-party applications. Enjoy these automatic SSO login benefits:

  • Minimizes number of passwords to remember
  • Reduces phishing
  • Saves time and effort
  • Avoids keyloggers
  • Easier to secure

Start protecting your team & clients

Creating Strong Passwords Using Password Generator Results in 10x Speed, 20x Security and 100x Password Strength.

Contrary to popular belief, strong passwords are not about special characters like !, %, and $. The secret to a solid password? Randomness and length. But coming up with a new one for every account takes up a lot of time!
With the LogMeOnce Password Generator and Calculator, you save time. Simply point you finger anywhere on the circular dial, rotate, and create a new strong password. Then simply copy and paste your new password in the right spot.

Start protecting your team & clients

Share passwords securely among team members and reduce risk of getting hacked while increasing accountability by 100%.

LogMeOnce enables you to securely share credentials with multiple Administrators or Super-Users without having to give out the passwords to corporate accounts such as Twitter or FedEx.

Start protecting your team & clients

No Need to Remember Passwords. Go Password-Less and Reduce Your Anxiety While Improving Your Overall Security.

“Passwords are terrible. We all hate them. But we’re stuck with them until something better comes along. Still, it seems like adding insult to injury when the first thing a password manager does is ask you to create and remember…a master password! The developers at LogMeOnce feel your pain. If you have a smartphone or mobile device available, LogMeOnce Password Management Suite is perfectly happy without a master password. This free password manager rivals in its broad feature set, and offers more features than most of its for-pay competitors.“  By PC Magazine

Start protecting your team & clients

Achieve IT Control and Visibility of Your Company Passwords—Choose a Centralized Password Policy From Over 100+ Customizable Security Policies.

Enforcing password and devices security policy for your team and company is critical in building a real-time and dependable security perimeter. You can use LogMeOnce’s default and predefined security policies or easily create your own company-wide password security policy. You can define multiple password lengths and complexity policies and/or use default master password policy, default application password policy, and custom application password policy. Administrators can setup over 100 policies to manage security for their entire organization.

Start protecting your team & clients

Increase Your Team’s Productivity by 100X—Enable Secure Access from Anywhere, Any Device, Anytime.

Access LogMeOnce password manager anywhere anytime, with a single click. No hassles, no frustration. Just confidence in secure access.
LogMeOnce’s scalable platform makes it easy to authenticate, manage, on-board, and off-board users. And you can update credentials in real-time.
LogMeOnce  password management security platform is the least expensive insurance policy you can purchase to protect your team and business.

Start protecting your team & clients

Automatically Sync Your Most Up-to-date Passwords Across All Devices and Ensure That Your Staff Stays Protected.

With LogMeOnce Unlimited Sync, we makes it easy to access your passwords and accounts from just about anywhere. This also includes passwords stored and shared. Best of all, LogMeOnce Sync protects your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Unlike other vendors, we do not have any limits!
Protect across all devices and enjoy unlimited automatic sync across your devices and platforms.

Start protecting your team & clients

Supercharge Your Privacy by Being in Control of Your Data, Security and Ensuring End-to-End Protection with Zero-Knowledge Technology.

As a “zero-knowledge” technology company, LogMeOnce does not know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. You are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key — only you can decrypt your account. Other benefits of the LogMeOnce Zero-Knowledge Technology:

  • User Exclusive Access Rights
  • Browser Exclusive Password Access
  • Device Exclusive Access Rights

Start protecting your team & clients

Make Your Team 100x More Secure, Productive and Compliant with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Strength your privacy with a seconds factor authentication of your choice
2FA is a security method requiring two pieces of identification before granting access. We provide the richest selection of 2FA methods, and protect your credentials with two layers of defense:

  • Selfie 2FA
  • SMS Message
  • Voice Call
  • Email Message
  • Google Authenticator
  • USB Token
  • X.509 Certificate
  • DUO Security
  • Yubico Security Token

Start protecting your team & clients

Automatically Achieve NIST, SOX, HIPAA, PCI Compliance Requirements in a Way That Will Make Your Entire Team Remember It For Life.

Start protecting your team & clients

Who has access? It’s a key question for meeting compliance requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or NIST. Do you need documentation and instant reports if authorized users adhere to your policy, or if unauthorized individuals are accessing business data, apps and resources after they have left the company?
With a single click, quickly get real-time charts, graphs, reports. Here is how others have praised our “Audit-Trail and reporting”;
PC Magazine: “LogMeOnce takes this concept to the next level. Click Reports, click Identity & Security Scorecard, and stand back; you get not one but four useful reports. Overall Password Strength corresponds to the reports from LastPass and Dashlane, with links to change weak and duplicate passwords. It also profiles your passwords based on length, character sets used, and duplications.

Manage Your Identity Exposure Instantly & Improve Security By Getting Insights Into Your Company’s Identity Risk Security Performance.

Just how good are your passwords? LogMeOnce Security Scorecard tracks the password’s success factors in four ways: its essence, strength, daily usage and access activities. Additionally, the report tells you exactly why your master password is (or isn’t) strong.
Protecting your identity is easier than you probably think. LogMeOnce gives you the tools to see how your security setup fairs by  using everyday grading standards. Your Identity Risk Scorecard includes:;

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Leaked Credentials
  • Hybrid Identity Score
  • Overall Password Strength
  • Password Policy
  • Unprotected Login Warnings
  • Master Password Strength

Find out if your credentials have been compromised in data breaches.

Start protecting your team & clients

Stop Fake or Unauthorized Login and Cyber Threat Hack Attempts By Using Real-Time Mugshot Protection.

LogMeOnce popular User Interface (UI) has been a great welcome from inception. We now add “Productivity Dock” based on your requests.
It‘s fun and easy to use. Productivity dock is engineered to take full advantage of feature-rich LogMeOnce, provides you quick access, and lets you launch your favorite apps with a click.
Scroll over with your mouse and each App and its label will magnify quickly for easier recognition. Click on your desired App (such as Mugshot, Scorecard, Beneficiary, etc.), and launch it!

Start protecting your team & clients

Automatically Identify and Stop “Out-of-Office” Hack Attempts By Using Account Freeze.

Reduce risk of hacking attempts and temporarily Freeze your online login activity.
You can freeze access to your account for as long as you wish. If you ever get the sense that there’s suspicious activity in your digital life—while traveling, using public WiFi, or out and about—and wish to prevent anyone (hackers too) from gaining access to your account, you can freeze access to your LogMeOnce account from any device. Simply select for how long!

Start protecting your team & clients

Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches: Detect Leaked Corporate Accounts and Passwords Floating In the Dark Web Using Real-time Monitoring Engine.

Monitor dark web risks affecting your account. Receive notifications if your identity information is exposed and found online on the dark web.
The dark web is where your personally identifying information can end up after it’s been stolen. Hackers may be stealing your credentials to use it for themselves or to sell it to others who have nefarious intentions.
Use the LogMeOnce scanner to check if your information is exposed on the dark web. We show you clear steps how to rectify and clean up your tracks.

Start protecting your team & clients

Prevent Account Take Over (ATO) Using Advanced Multi-Source Automated Scanner.

Protection Account Takeover (ATO). Fraudsters  look for a users’ smallest inclination  and susceptibility to use duplicate passwords or “security answer” at multiple online accounts.
Credential stuffing detects if a person use the same username and password at multiple websites. Credential Cracking employs brute force or guessing of usernames and passwords against previously breached databases (exposed data includes user credentials).
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published the guidance for federal agencies to ensure that information remains confidential when stored.

Start protecting your team & clients

Take Control: Increase Your Cloud Data Protection and Privacy With End-to-End Automatic Cloud Storage Encryption.

Keep your data is always encrypted – electronically shredded!!! Are you storing files, photos, and documents on favorite platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, or other storage sites? Those can be great, but you do NOT want to depend on any  one vendor.
LogMeOnce encrypts your files to safeguard the privacy of your data. Whether you are storing personal information or corporate data, it is essential to prevent a domino effect of letting your information fall into wrong hands. Automatically encrypt it all with your own password and AES key!

Start protecting your team & clients

Automatically Identify and Stop “Out-of-Office” Hack Attempts By Using Account Freeze.

Keep your files wherever you have already stored them. LogMeOnce works great with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive among many others. But avoid being vulnerable on third party systems. Instead, protect your files by encrypting them all with your own password and AES key.
LogMeOnce automatically detects your installed cloud storage providers and adds them to your personal drive. Every file you add to – or create within – will be encrypted.
LogMeOnce Storage Encrypter gives you peace of mind with the convenience of online storage.

Start protecting your team & clients

Our Benefits for Your Company and Clients:

You Can Now Get Advanced Protection, Convenience & Compliance While Accelerating Your Company’s Security and Productivity.

Benefits for

Management Team

Modernize IT Security

With LogMeOnce , your team can move faster, automate their processes and eleminate friction. Save time, impact your bottom line and improve your security all at once.

Avoid data Breaches

Not only can compromized systems be costly, They can become a PR nightmare. Being proactive now can prevent a wave of hassies

Reduce IT support cost

Standardize and simplify your security and maintenance with LogMeOnce. keep it focused on growing and strenghtening your company

Audit & Compliance

With a single click, quickly get real-time reports of who has access! It’s a key question for meeting compliance requirements such as HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or NIST.


Clear pricing, flexible options

Pay for only the features you want to use, or bundle all of our services for a monthly plan that’s about the cost of a fancy coffee.

Benefits for

IT & Security Team

Simple Administration

Ease the complexity when using multiple passwords for the IT team. The admin dashboard simplifies your tasks, sets up best practices, and enforces policy.

Reduce Helpdesk Tickets

Unnecessary support calls add cost to IT team. Eliminate costly / repetitive “I Forgot my password” support calls that should not happen in the first place.


Serious security everywhere

Do you use services like Dropbox, AmazonS3, iCloud or others? LogMeOnce can also encrypt your data to protect it in the cloud.

Vault for Each Employee

So much of today’s personal and professional lives are intertwined, and we deliver a password manager that can work on ALL platforms.


Automated User Provisioning

LogMeOnce offers a simplified provisioning for employees, customers,  and partners. Daily changes in business — new and outgoing employees and customers — result in costly IT costs.

Benefits for

Employees & Staff

No More Passwords

Passwords are terrible. We all hate them. Now say Goodbye, Passwords. You don’t need to remember or use passwords anymore!


Convenient login options

LogMeOnce works with your accounts and offers multiple ways to login to allow you to access what you need securely without a hassle.

Auto Login & Autofill

With a single click, access all of your passwords with secure authentication for third-party applications. Enjoy these automatic SSO auto login and autofill benefits.

Convenient Sharing

Securely share credentials with administrators or users without having to give out passwords to corporate accounts such as Twitter or FedEx.

Works with iOS and Android

LogMeOnce works with all your devices so you can access easily wherever you are with what you need.


Of Course We Back Everything Up With A Guarantee. Meaning If We Don’t Deliver On Our Promises, You Have 30 Days to Cancel.

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. When you place an order, you will receive a full working version of our software, not a demo or a time-limited version. If you are not satisfied with the product, then let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund.

Start protecting your team & clients

So, How Does It Work?

Start with a Security Planning Meeting

We have successfully implemented numerous security undertakings for our clients in US and globally. We know what works and we will help your company to easily and quickly accomplish this task. First, lets identity your team members (Business owners and IT team) who will implement LogMeOnce solution. Then, we will go over basic ground rules to achieve a successful, seamless and quick implementation (roll out).

We have successfully implemented numerous security undertakings for our clients in US and globally. We know what works and we will help your company to easily and quickly accomplish this task. First, lets identity your team members (Business owners and IT team) who will implement LogMeOnce solution. Then, we will go over basic ground rules to achieve a successful, seamless and quick implementation (roll out).

Start protecting your team & clients

Develop Dedicated Deployment and Communication Plan

LogMeOnce offers a standard implementation plan that will give you insights to understand and document tactical security issues and overall strategy. However, if you are a larger organization with unique implementation requirements, you may furnish your own deployment and communication plan for your team.


Get Started with Dedicated Training and Onboarding

Attend a dedicated training session or call with one of our security advisors to learn about best practices for your company’s success. We will look at how your team works and provide a customized onboarding for your team to set you up properly and be up and running quickly.

Start protecting your team & clients

Add Your Users

LogMeOnce provides a dedicated onboarding for your team to set you up properly and up and running quickly. Whether new employees and customers join your company one at a time or in a clump through an acquisition, LogMeOnce Active reduces the laborious task of onboarding / off-boarding, by eliminating migration issues and errors, reducing costs, and minimizing human involvement.

Start protecting your team & clients

Add Your Application/Passwords

Easily and securely add your Apps and passwords. Connect all your apps in minutes — not days. LogMeOnce offers four methods for adding apps, satisfying the most demanding requirements. PC Magazine: “LogmeOnce focuses on a rather different method for adding a new app. Log in to its cloud dashboard, click the applications tab, and you’re presented with a searchable list of more than 4,400 websites whose login process is already known to LogmeOnce. To add any one of these to your collection, just enter the username and password. Bank of America’s two-part login confuses some password managers; LogmeOnce’s prior knowledge lets it do the job easily.”

Start protecting your team & clients

Add Your Groups

LogMeOnce provides a dedicated group management for your team to set you up properly and b
e up and running quickly. LogMeOnce ensures secure access amid the most challenging of compliance environments. Our IAM technology enables organizations to deploy a mature IAM platform, manage users and groups, reduce access and authentication costs. Essentially the business will become more agile in supporting new initiatives.

Start protecting your team & clients

Check Your Application Password Strength and Scorecard

Just how good are your passwords? LogMeOnce Security Scorecard tracks the password’s success factors in four ways: its essence, strength, daily usage and access activities. Additionally, the Identity & Security Scorecard report tells you exactly why your master password is (or isn’t) strong.

Start protecting your team & clients

Assign Users to Teams, Groups, and Applications

Now that you have defined your users, you can assign each team / group and define their respective role(s). You can also assign application(s) to each team, and additionally assign applications to individual users.