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LogmeOnce Computer Security Vision:

The internet user community risks it’s identity and computer security every time it performs an internet based activity (i.e., accessing web email, online shopping, social networking, etc.) when using simple passwords. Even though end users are encouraged to select strong passwords, they usually continue to choose weak and easy to guess passwords, which places them at risk from fraud and identity theft.

LogmeOnce combines password security with real world practicality, creating a fun user experience, and with superb access management efficiency.

LogmeOnce provides a free revolutionary computer security solution to help consumers select strong passwords and therefore strengthen their online activities. LogmeOnce’s free security solution is similar to the one used by government agencies and large businesses purchased at a considerable cost.

Users who prefer an additional level of security will have an option to upgrade their account features as they desire.

Since 1986, LogmeOnce seasoned management team has successfully created multiple successful companies in the areas of Security, Network Management, CRM, and Security Management. All companies have resulted in solid customer base, winning many prestigious national and international industry awards, and successful M&A or venture capital investments.

LogmeOnce helps clients gain strong Password Management, Access Control, Identity Administration, and Directory Services for a secure, efficient and user friendly cloud computing environment. LogmeOnce is a privately held company with headquarters in Virginia, located in high technology corridor of metropolitan Washington DC.

LogmeOnce Computer Security Mission:

LogmeOnce = Security + Practicality + Fun + Efficiency. All Merged.

The majority of security breaches are from within organizations, caused by fragmented security policies, expired access rights, or lack of aggregated audit and accountability. Manual provisioning requests prone to errors and network administrators are often unaware of organizational and role changes. This is a recipe for disaster.

LogmeOnce’s mission is to provide secure Single Sign-On (SSO) and mature Identity Management (IdM) with a fun and user-friendly dashboard facilitating easy and secure access to all of your accounts and applications. LogmeOnce provides quality identity management solutions that enhance IT security, lower administration costs, improve productivity of employees, and enhance identity data accuracy across the enterprise. We provide superior security with analytical performance to consumers, business and the government sector in the format that suits them best — from high-level dashboards, to custom reports and advanced analysis. We have engineered our computer security software suite to create secure password management, SSO, IdM, and Cloud computing, with reliability, scalability, ease of use, and administration for organizations of all sizes.

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