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Why Password Management is So Important

From identity theft to cyber crimes, attacks and other forms of cyber theft, it goes without saying how important protection and security controls are today. In fact, identity theft and cyber crimes have been known to ruin businesses and lives—all because of a lack of property security measures.

…And who has time to remember ALL those passwords?

We are overwhelmed with passwords… Doesn’t it seem like passwords dominate our lives? This is pretty close to the truth. Even if you are one of the few who instills good password management practices and techniques, the fact is people are still using weak and potentially damaging passwords.

You can read more about password management.

Read on to learn more about why password management is so important—for both storing and securing passwords and boosting security.

• Never forget a password again. By using a password manager you never have to worry about forgetting a password again. In fact, approximately 37 percent of individuals claim they have to request a password reset on at least a website per month due to forgetfulness. By using a robust and secure password manager, you can easily import all your existing passwords in about two minutes!

• Generate stronger passwords for maximum security and protection. A safe and secure password manager will also come along with features that generate and create better passwords. So, if your password resembles something to the effect of “123456”, you’re basically leaving the door open for cyber criminals and hackers. Using a password manager to generate stronger passwords significantly reduces this risk.

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• Store your passwords in a SAFE spot. If you had something physical and super valuable in your possession, where would you keep it? You wouldn’t leave items like jewelry, antiques, important documents, or even cash just lying around. Why would you do the same for your passwords? By using a password manager, you are essentially using a SAFE for all your passwords.

• Quality in layers. Using a password manager adds another layer of security to your password and data protection. A robust and secure password manager should come with two-factor authentication (2FA) features that have two layers of security to maximize security controls and protection. Think of it like using a padlock on your safe or suitcase while you are traveling. Tighten your security practices with a quality password manager.

To learn more about 2FA features, click here.

• One-stop security. One-stop shopping makes our lives easier. We go into one store, or visit an ecommerce site, and buy from that one location rather than “store hopping” trying to find what we need. Password management can work much the same way. Not only can a password manager store and protect all your passwords in one easy, simple, and convenient location, it can also protect all your apps, no matter what you use or where you are.

Get a peace of mind by implementing one-stop security. Aim for one-stop security by reading more here.

• Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Forget about the last time you changed your passwords—when was the last time you checked your passwords? Are your passwords even secure—or are you setting yourself up to become another identity theft victim or statistic?

Sixty-five percent of people use the same password for all sites, apps, and logins. If this sounds like you, then you should consider using a password manager to store different passwords for all your accounts, and check them using a password calculator to determine the overall strength level of your passwords.

A password manager can change your life.

Using a password manager might seem like another step or another thing to worry about over the course of the day, but setting up a password manager is actually a lot easier and takes less time than what you might think. It only takes approximately two minutes to set up a password manager. You probably spend more time during the day on Facebook…

Your life just became A LOT easier.

Finally, by using a password manager, you not only increase your security by 300%, you are also saving yourself time, money, and adding more time today, ultimately boosting productivity. It’s a win-win.

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