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How to Use Form Filler to Complete Menial Tasks


People today are highly dependent on online services like email, productivity tools, shopping, utilities, banking and various other online accounts. Did you know that the average person has 25 online logins? Without using at least one form filler, keeping track of all these passwords is borderline impossible, especially if you want to have secure passwords with symbols and upper case letters.

Most people just end up resetting their passwords every once in awhile because you’ve forgotten them. Even if you do remember all of them, it becomes extremely annoying when you have to type them every time you visit a website.

This is why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to use a form filler to complete these menial tasks.

Form Fillers in Internet Browsers


All of the most popular and modern internet browsers come with a built-in form filler feature. When enabled, this feature will record and store all your login credentials along with information that you enter in various forms – credit card numbers, expiration date, name, address, phone number, and other.

Next time when you are asked to fill in forms online these browsers will fill in the form labels automatically, saving you precious time and effort. Many people opt for this type of form filler, as they don’t require any additional effort.

They are already preinstalled when you enter the browser and you can use them right out of the box. The only downside is that they don’t have the features the form filler software does. And in the end they might not be as secure as the dedicated form filler software is.

Lets see how to enable and use the form filler feature in the most popular browsers.


Form Filler in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome form filler feature is easy to use. Google even has its own Toolbar extension that you can download and use in other browsers that extends the functionality of Chrome’s form filler to other browsers.

To enable it you should click on the Chrome menu icon (three dots or bars in the top right section of the Chrome window) then click on the Settings. If you scroll down the Settings page you will see the Show Advanced Settings label. Click on it and find the Passwords and Forms Section. Check the box in front of Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click.

If you want to delete this data for any reason you can do it by clicking on the Chrome menu icon > Tools > Clear Browsing Data. Make sure to only check Clear Saved Autofill Form Data, and complete the action by clicking on Clear Browsing Data.


Form Filler in Mozilla Firefox

To access the Firefox form filler you have to click on the Firefox menu icon and select Options. Click on Privacy and navigate to the History section. Click on Use Custom Settings for History and make sure that Remember Search and Form History is checked.

To clear the form filler data in Firefox you need to click on the Firefox menu icon > History > Clear recent History. Click on the Time Range to Clear drop down menu and select Everything. Click on the arrow next to Details and make sure to select only Form & Search History. Finish the action by clicking on the Clear Now button.


Form Filler in Microsoft Edge

You can easily enable Passwords and Form Filler in Edge by clicking on the More Actions link (three dots) > Settings. Scroll down and click on the View Advanced Settings. In the Privacy and Services you can enable or disable the Offer to Save Passwords and Save Form Entries features.

You can easily delete this data by clicking on More Actions > Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Choose What to Clear. Select Form Data and complete the action by clicking the Clear button.


Form Filler in Safari

The Safari menu is located on the top of your screen. You can access the Preferences if you click on the Safari label in this menu. Inside the Preferences click on AutoFill and make sure to check Using Info from My Contacts Card/Address Book Card and Other Forms. Click Done and you will enable the form filler in Safari.

To delete the data you should also access AutoFill by clicking on Safari > Preferences. Look for the Edit button next to Other Forms and click on Remove All.


Form Filler Software

Form filler software is generally a better and far more secure practice for storing form data and login credentials. The best software on the market utilizes high end encryption to keep your data secured under one master password.

While this practice is recommended for people in general, it is the preferred option for business that have far more to lose if their data gets compromised. On the other hand, the workforce will be far more productive if the form filler automates time-consuming, boring and repetitive menial tasks.

Beside the fact that your data will be more secure and your work automated, form filler software will enable you to centralize your form filler data and log in credentials. This makes workflow across platforms smooth and seamless. This operationality is delivered via an internet browser plugin, which is really easy to install and set up in any of the above-mentioned browsers.

Furthermore, top-notch form filler software will enable you to share passwords and form data with anybody through a secure line. Some of the best software tools in this category even have extended functionality, such as a smart phone lock, wipe and location tracking, and various 2FA methods (fingerprint, selfie, pin, SMSs and other).

Using automatic form filler features that built into internet browsers or form filler software makes it effortless to complete menial tasks. And what’s more important, to complete them in a secure fashion. If this topic interests you, feel free to learn more about it on authoritative blogs and forums.



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