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Account Freeze: A Way to Avoid Security Breaches in Tricky Situations

Online security is one of the biggest concerns in modern times. When we are at home or at work, we can feel secure while browsing behind firewalls and antiviruses. The problem is, what happens when we leave these safe boundaries and venture into the unknown.

This unknown applies to the Internet access we get via public Wi-Fi networks, which we often do when we are traveling, having a meal in a restaurant, or want to check our email while we are in public transportation.

When we notice something fishy going on with our password management account, wouldn’t it be nice if we could click just one button and lock everyone but ourselves out of the account? The development team behind LogMeOnce, one of the best password management tools available today, have made it possible by introducing the “Account Freeze” feature.

What is Account Freeze

Account Freeze is a new feature added to the popular password management software – LogMeOnce. Overall, it increases the LogMeOnce functionality by adding another level of security to its users, but this time on demand. What does this mean? It means that the Account Freeze option is a click-to-activate one, as it won’t automatically kick in when your account becomes the target of nosy hackers.

This feature allows users to completely lock out anyone who is allegedly trying to get into their LogMeOnce account. Which is incredibly useful for the users who have been using LogMeOnce for some time – simply because LogMeOnce now holds their valuable information, including credit card details, login information, and more.

Account Freeze works right out of the box. When a user activates it, they get to choose how long they wish their account to be locked, or if you prefer, frozen. During this time, the account login will appear to work as usual; however, nobody but the owner who uses a specified device can log into it.

It is important to note that during this time other features of LogMeOnce continue to work as intended. This means that metadata on anyone who tries to log in to a user’s account will be tracked and recorded. This includes the hacker’s IP address, GPS, Mug Shot images, along with the date and time stamp.

How to Use Account Freeze

In order to freeze access to your account, you have to enable and start using the Account Freeze feature. This process is straightforward, as you will soon discover for yourself. You can enable Account Freeze in two ways.

One is via the Password SHOCK control panel, which you can access by logging into your LogMeOnce account, clicking on the Smart Menu, selecting the Security section and clicking on the Password SHOCK button. In the middle section of the screen, you can see the button that toggles Account Freeze ON and OFF.

The other way, which is recommended for users who are using Account Freeze for the first time, is to access it via Smart Menu > Security > Account Freeze. This will open a panel where you can set up numerous options for Account Freeze.

The dev team of LogMeOnce has come up with some very convenient and logical options for their users. You can choose any of the following:

Freeze my account until I unfreeze it – This is a quick way to freeze your account for an indefinite time. It is suitable for those of you who are about to travel. Your account will remain frozen until you come back to the safe haven of a secure network and unlock it.

Freeze my account until Date & Time – As it states, this option will allow you to pick exactly how long you wish your account to remain frozen. Pick a date and time, click on Save Changes and Logout, and your account is locked and secured.

Freeze all other IP addresses excluding mine – This is a particularly neat option, especially for the users with a static IP address. They can render their account completely secure by locking out everyone else who is online. This option is also useful for people who us LogMeOnce to protect their business assets. They can set it up so that nobody outside the business network can access the account.

Freeze all other devices excluding mine – Users who choose this option will be asked to select their trusted device, a device that will be the only one with access to the account. The number of allowed devices can be easily controlled with the nice extension to this feature; the Exception List.

Unlocking is Fast and Easy

If you wish to unfreeze your account you should try to log in. After you are prompted with the question “Would you like to unlock your account”, just click yes and follow the procedure. The procedure is exactly the same as the “Account Recovery” one. You will receive an email with instructions you have to follow to unfreeze your account.

Account Freeze is a nice addition to the already powerful features of LogMeOnce. It provides users with an additional level of security, but this time on their demand. There are different options which you can use, depending on the tricky situation you find yourself in.



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