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Dropping Your Essential Files Safely With Dropbox Security

The single most important and most valuable asset a person or a business can have nowadays, in the age dominated by information technologies, is data itself. The age-old adage “Knowledge is power” has never been more applicable to real life than it is now. Since the rise of internet usage in the 90es, information and file sharing have been made much easier, but sharing files and data securely, however, is an entirely different story.


Dropbox security

Most people are by now quite familiar with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and millions of people use these services daily for various business-related activities. Dropbox boasts many security features which are extraordinary at a first glance, but how safe can cloud storage actually be? Not enough.

In 2012, the cloud storage service Dropbox has had a massive security breach, during which 68 million private accounts have been hacked. Perpetrators have stolen email addresses and passwords and later tried selling them on the darknet. Although the users’ passwords were reset immediately, it is clear that security measures offered by cloud storage services are not enough to keep your data safe.

Having said this, Dropbox is still an amazing solution that is still being used by many people around the world as well as some major businesses. But, if you want absolute security, you will want to pair up your Dropbox account with software solutions from LogMeOnce.


How does LogMeOnce work?

Before even sending any data online, LogMeOnce encrypts all of your information and files that you want to send with a state of the art AES encryption key. To start, simply put the files that you want to send safely in your secure drive bucketin LogMeOnce. Your files and data are first encrypted on your computer browser by using your personal AES key or a password. After the files have been encrypted, they are then sent to your personal vault on the cloud.

LogMeOnce is extremely easy to use. Uploading files can be done by clicking the “Upload” button or by simply dragging and dropping the desired files into your secure drive folder. If you want to create new folders to organize data more easily, simply click on the “New Folder” button. LogMeOnce dashboard also shows the drive path you are using at the moment, the exact number of files stored in your secure drive, as well as storage capacity, both used and available.

How to link your Dropbox account with LogMeOnce

Linking your cloud storage service with LogMeOnce will allow you to encrypt and store files and data on your desktop before sending them to your Dropbox. This way all of the data that you wanted to transfer will be completely under your control and encrypted by your personal AES key.

In order to link your Cloud service account with your LogMeOnce, you need to click the Start button and then the Secure Drive button. In the Secure Drive screen, click the settings button. This will open up a menu in which various Cloud storage services will be listed. If you are linking to your Dropbox account, simply click the Add Dropbox button.

At this point, LogMeOnce will ask for your Dropbox account credentials, so you need to enter the username and password you use for Dropbox and click the Sign In button. After you have verified your identity, LogMeOnce will require your permission for your Dropbox account and its folder, so click on Allow.

This will create a folder titled LogMeOnce in your Apps folder in Dropbox. Now your account is successfully linked and you can see a list of linked accounts. In the Secure Drive upload section, you can see all of the accounts and drives that are currently connected.

When you are uploading, this is where you will choose where you want to upload your files. If you have finished the linking process you can click on the Settings button to retract the setup screen for cloud services. If you are wondering where the files in your Dropbox are stored, follow the next course of actions:

Firstly login to your Dropbox profile and click the My Files button, and after this, click on the Apps folder. In the Apps folder, click on LogMeOnce folder, and here you will be able to see all of your files neatly listed. It is important to note here that if you are using LogMeOnce encryption engine, the filename and data will be shown as encrypted in your Dropbox.

To sum up, whether you are running a small startup or a large, well-established company, information security should be your number one priority. Nothing can make a company lose its hard-earned reputation and the trust of its customers like inadequate data security.

If you possess valuable data about your customers or other companies you might be doing business with, you should encrypt it and keep it safely stored.



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